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Live Native

One of a handful of companies in the world producing living skincare products and the only Spa Professional range of its kind currently on the market, Live Native has carved out a niche for its range across Europe with help and guidance from Enterprise Europe Scotland.
Skye-based Live Native produces a range of living organic skin care products which are hand made using premium organic and aromatherapeutic moisturising ingredients.
Their skincare uses nutrients from living plants which, because they are never exposed to temperatures of more than 47C, retain their living nutrients and enzymes. Live Native is one of only a handful of companies in the world operating in this new and exciting area – and it has the only Spa Professional range of this kind currently on the market.
Founder Vicky Ewbank explains what defines Live Native: “What we do is about health and beauty and you can’t have health and beauty at the cost of the planet. We had to start the company as a sustainable, responsible, organic, living skincare company and if we didn’t tick all those boxes at any point in time during our development then we wouldn’t exist.”
Vicky admits to having struggled on occasion to source suppliers that tick all her ecological boxes, but she is full of praise for the assistance she’s received from Enterprise Europe Scotland and Highland and Island Enterprise: “They have been tremendous in terms of advice and support and keeping their eyes and ears open for any opportunities that might be of interest to us. At each stage of growth you need different kinds of support and we have an excellent relationship with EES which is enormously helpful as we take the business to the next stage, becoming more than a small producer.” Since founding the company three years ago as primarily an online business, Live Native now have distributors and stockists in Germany, Switzerland, France and Spain, and are looking to expand into Benelux countries.
“It’s exciting to be able to offer our services to a company based in Skye with such impeccably green credentials,” adds Michelle Wemyss of Enterprise Europe Scotland’s Inverness office.
 “We’ve been able to give them guidance around the export of cosmetics, helped them though the complexities of French legislation, custom duty and Eco-Innovation awards – and lined them up with a number of distributors abroad after posting their profile on our business co-operation database which goes out across the wider Enterprise Europe Network. It’s great to be working with a young company bringing an innovative new product to market that is so in tune with the green credentials we all know we should aspire to.”
For any business looking to grow internationally, being able to call upon the experience, expertise and contacts at Enterprise Europe Scotland is invaluable. For Live Native it was the natural approach.
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Enterprise Europe Scotland assisted Live Native by:
Provided information on legislation around cosmetics, custom duty, exporting into particular countries and applying for Eco Innovation Awards
Posting their profile on our business co-operation database to source distributors across Europe
Supplying contact details of Slovenian company which had expressed interest in Live Native’s products. This lead was progressed by Live Native’s distributor in the country.

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