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Predicting partnership success

When Edinburgh-based technology company Kraya first came across Enterprise Europe Network in 2009, little did they realise how important their relationship would become.
“If you ask Enterprise Europe Network for something, whatever it is, they really try to help out,” enthuses Mariola Mier, Head of Krayamatics at Kraya. “Their service is, in a word, brilliant.”
Krayamatics is the software engineering division of Kraya, focusing on using prediction modelling to build support software for application across clinical, oil and gas and service sectors. From that first meeting at an event in April 2009, Ken Gordon, Kraya’s EEN advisor, explains how the relationship has developed.
Making sense of funding
“Mariola has attended several events and networking opportunities and we’ve worked on a number of proposals to secure funding,” he says. “Mariola is very savvy when it comes to understanding the process surrounding EU funding, she knows the system inside out. She is constantly coming up with new collaborative project ideas.”
Enterprise Europe Network’s partner search service has also attracted interest from Kraya, as Ken explains: “They’re a great client to work with. Mariola has not only expressed interest in projects that have been announced by other potential partners, but she’s also on the database actively looking for a partnership.”
Mariola agrees: “We’ve received a lot of support from Ken and he’s been very useful in our search for partners, particularly in terms of completing the partnership agreement statements. Unfortunately, to date, we’ve not encountered exactly the kind of partner we’re looking for, although those we have been introduced to may turn out to be more useful and we’re definitely maintaining contact in the longer term.”
Opening doors
Kraya’s most recent projects include participation in the FEMME project, which aims to promote the molecular characterisation of breast cancer, with potential impacts on earlier diagnosis, treatment selection and prognosis for patients. Similarly, project DTime aims to support decision making in the clinical or oil and gas sector by processing variables using predictive modelling techniques.
Ken continues: “Kraya are doing some very valuable work using cutting edge technology. We are delighted to be able to support them through the funding process, by opening doors with potential partners and by encouraging their participation in events and networking opportunities. By the same token, Mariola is always very appreciative of the support we offer and is able to provide us with good signposts for what we can do to continue that support. It really does create fantastic two-way dialogue.”

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