6 top tips

Targeting the 'Champions League' of EU SMEs, Horizon 2020 SME instrument funding is highly competitive.  For example, 2602 eligible applications were received for the first cut off date. Of these 2602 projects, 316 scored above threshold.  To make sure you are in the top league, here's some top tips from the EC

  • Focus on the business opportunity rather than the technology behind it.  Too many applications concentrate on the technology with no or little attention to how this will be taken to market.
  • Demonstrate the strength of your company and your team.  Explain why your company will succeed over your competitors.
  • Provide information on competing solutions, while demonstrating the advantages your project brings over these alternatives.
  • Make sure you are at the right technology ready level (6), and that it's the right level of innovation.  Don't propose a product that already exists on the market.
  • Show how you plan to commercialise the project.  Some applications propose an idea with no concept for its commercialisation.
  • Don't just try your luck, it's not the Euro Lottery!  Companies need to understand the amount of time and work that is required in applying for European funding.