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Experienced IT system integrator from Poland seeks to acquire startups producing security software




A Polish company which delivers and implements complex IT solutions is looking for young companies or individuals owning or developing new products (software included) related to IT security. It is interested in acquisition of such entities or establishing a special purpose company together.


The Polish company is an IT system integrator that specializes in complex solutions intended to increase competitive advantage, productivity and security of its clients’ IT environment. It covers the following areas:
1. Security: Next Generation Firewalls, data encryption and the protection of end user, virtual machines, email, www traffic, and other issues;
2. Infrastructure: virtualisation, arrays, servers, backup and archiving, wire and wireless networks, structural cabling and similar;
3. Services: implementation, servicing, cloud computing, EU grant applications;
4. Applications for budgeting, workflow, and dedicated software.

Its ambition is to deliver solutions based on latest technologies combined with good practice from numerous implemented projects used as reference.

The company has a management board with vast technical competence and business experience, which has ensured steady business development (since 2007) and a portfolio of long-standing clients on the commercial and public markets. With its good market position, it has created a capital group of the same name. The structure of the company and the management team are prepared for a significant increase of business scale. A debut on NewConnect is planned (it is an alternative stock exchange allowing smaller companies to float shares, run by the Warsaw Stock Exchange), and ultimately – a debut on the Stock Exchange.

The company is interested in acquisition of new companies producing niche software, and in new product development (software included), that would lead to achieving outstanding profitability and a market leader position among medium-sized enterprises. It is also open to entering into cooperation in the form of joint venture, if the partner wishes to maintain autonomy.

The company has also plans for soon-to-come business expansion to new geographical markets.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: New products are sought in the field of IT security, and may be related to:
- Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)/ Urchin Tracking Module (UTM)
- end user protection
- virtual machine protection
- e-mail protection
- www traffic protection
- DLP – Data Leak/Loss Protection (DLP) systems
- data encryption
- advanced persistent threat (ATP) protection
- and other security aspects.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company seeks to acquire early-stage startups producing/inventing niche software in the field of IT security. The company would also be interested to cooperate with a software inventor yet uninvolved in business activity, which would imply establishing a special purpose vehicle together with the inventor. The purpose would be to develop and market the new software.

Advantages & innovations:

The company offers business stability and know-how, and a reliable network of distributors. With an established market position and a large number of contracts, the revenues of the company increase year to year.

It has been awarded 13 business certificates (such as Auditor ISA 27001) and 23 product certificates (such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer)

Development Stage:

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Contact Enterprise Europe Network Scotland by email at, quoting reference number brpl20180115001