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A private label manufacturer of vegan and/or gluten-free ecological bars sought by a Polish company from organic food branch interested in manufacturing agreement




A Polish company from Lower Silesia selling high quality organic food products is interested in expanding their product portfolio with two vegan ecological snacks: muesli bar and coconut chocolate bounty-type bar and a gluten-free bar: muesli or raw. The company is looking for a supplier of ready product to cooperate within a manufacturing agreement.



A Polish company actively operating in the health food sector, offers a large selection of natural, organic and high quality products: packed Chia seeds, amaranthus, Canihua; sesame seed snacks with mentioned seeds; coconut oil, pastas, groats, flour. The company provides their products to large wholesalers in Poland – suppliers to hyper and supermarkets, ecological shops, etc. It has also made attempts to international sales.

The company team is a group of fully committed people who has been expanding their knowledge and interest in natural foods for several years and right now are using their experience in supplying healthy products to their customers.

The company works with suppliers and manufacturers who have organic production certificates recognized worldwide. The offered products are packed in convenient and environmentally friendly packaging.

Right now the company is planning to introduce snack bars to their portfolio and that is why it is searching for a long-term co-operator - a manufacturer that could supply one or two of the ecological products mentioned below under a private label:
A. vegan muesli bars,
B. vegan bounty-type bars,
C. gluten-free bars (musli or raw).
The supplied product should have specific characteristics defined in the Technical Specification field.

The considered cooperation is manufacturing agreement under a private label.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The products should meet the requirements as follows:
1. The product have to consist of ingredients from organic farming - confirmation with a certificate is needed.
2. The products should be natural and high quality; they should not contain preservatives, dyes, flavours, flavour enhancers, palm oil, emulsifiers or any artificial additives. Sugar should be substituted with other healthier alternative.
2. In case of A and B: The products should be vegan, plant-based – they should not contain any animal based additives like dairy or eggs. In case of C, the product should be gluten-free.
3. The products’ ingredients are not strictly determined. The essential thing is that they are plant-based / gluten free and organic (with certificate confirmation).
4. The product should be supplied in the finished and packed form, labelled with Client label (private label) and delivered to Client’s warehouse. The examples of the packaging of company's products can be seen on the attached pictures.
5. As per the volumes, the company is planning to order minimum of 20.000pcs. The company is open to discuss the supply of a few different tastes at once.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: A reliable manufacturing partner with experience in organic food production is sought. The manufacturer should produce the product under private label according to the requirements described thoroughly in the Technical Specification field. Confirmation that product’s ingredients come from organic farm and have certificate is needed.
The best manufacturing partner should meet following requirements:
- prepare the product from scratch (a few tastes of product can be considered),
- pack the product and label it with the Client label (private label) – the label design will be provided by the Client,
- pack the products in bulk boxes, palettes,
- ship the products to Client’s warehouse.

Advantages & innovations:

- Portfolio rich in healthy & organic products, without additives, preservatives, flavour enhancers
- Constant expansion of the product range in consultation with nutritionists
- Invaluable knowledge of nutrition
- Quality Control of the products
- Compliance with all EU standards

Development Stage:

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