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Polish company is looking for partners to form joint venture for production of cellulose-based products




A company from the North West Poland, with its own production halls and lines, is looking for manufacturers of cellulose-based products interested in launching their production in Poland. The partnership in form of joint venture and/or reciprocal production agreement is requested.



A Polish company has been active in the pulp and paper industry for over 15 years. They specialise in production of disposable medical dishes, such as kidney dishes, male urine bottles and bowls for washing patients. Their production is based on waste and recycled paper, which is then processed into a cellulose pulp, from which final products are burned out. The firm has all the necessary permits to gather, store and recycle paper.

The company is looking for an opportunity to join a project aimed at either starting a new production of cellulose-based products or relocating current production to a new place with lower production costs and ample market opportunities. Besides their expertise in pulp dishes production, the firm is ready to contribute to the partnership their own land with two fully equipped halls. Buildings have access and are connected to: medium and low voltage electricity; gas heating; water; gas; sewage system; telephone line and Internet. Moreover, one of the halls is fully adopted for production purposes. It has: 1053,6 cubic metres, office space, brake and changing rooms, toilets and production space. There is also installed a production line consisting of: a pulper, a sorter, two production (forming) stations and two 400 kW furnaces. The other hall is a 422,0 cubic metres warehouse. Between the two building there is hardened site ground where products can be loaded into the HGVs.

In order to diversify their business activities, the company is looking for joint venture and/or reciprocal production agreement with firms producing cellulose-based products. All the terms and conditions of the joint venture or reciprocal production agreement will be discussed between the Polish company and the foreign firm during negotiations.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The firm is looking for experienced, financially stable and reliable companies from the pulp and paper industry, that either are able to provide their own designs of new products or have capabilities to acquire/create a new ones.

They are interested in cooperation with:
• EU companies that want to expand production, reduce their cost and/or tap into Central and East European markets, without losing their current clients;
• Non-EU companies that are looking for a foothold in the European market.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of Partner Sought: SMEs and large companies planning to relocate or start a new production of cellulose-based products.

Role of Partner Sought: A partner is expected to provide designs necessary to start production. In case current machines aren't suitable for a planned production - a partner will be responsible for their overhaul or acquisition of a new ones.

On their part, the firm requesting cooperation will contribute place to launch production and their current production line. They are also ready to carry out hiring process.

Advantages & innovations:

• Quick launch of production – all the buildings, utilities and machines necessary for starting a production are already in place.
• Low production costs – due to high unemployment rate and long tradition of the pulp and paper industry in the region, finding highly-skilled, experienced and cheap workers in the local market won’t be a problem.
• Location near the Polish-German border and the Baltic Sea - it allows for cost-effective transport of products via various modes and to numerous markets (German, Scandinavian, Central and Eastern Europe, globally).

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