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German renewable energy supply company is looking for radar sensor technology supplier from China




German energy supply company focusing on renewable energy sources is looking for product and service suppliers for manufacturing agreement or strategic partners for joint venture for entering new markets in the renewable energy sector. The company is looking for a manufacturer of surveillance radar sensors in China with ability to detect aircraft of different size in a distance of several kilometers within 360° airspace. The technology is sought for new and innovative application in wind parks.


The company, an technology supplier focusing on renewable energy sources, was established in 2002 and is located in Brandenburg, Germany. It is acting in the field of production and engineering and is one of the leading European wind energy suppliers. The company develops, produces and sells beacon (aviation lights). One of the company's missions is to create innovative beacon systems that decrease emission exposure to the public but fulfill all regularities and restrictions in safety matters.

The company is now looking for surveillance radar sensors with the ability of detecting small and big aircraft in a distance of several kilometers within a 360° airspace. For this purpose the radar system can contain more than one radar sensor. The system shall be used only for radar monitoring of the civil airspace and specifically for the use in our need based beaconing system. Here the radar sensor(s) is (are) combined with a processing unit which evaluates the incoming sensor data and automatically switches on the beacon, if an aircraft is present. Otherwise the aviation lights are switched off. Therefore the radar sensor will be operated within a LAN-environment containing several components such as processing unit, aviation lights, and network components. Current application areas cover wind farms, industrial plants and exceptional power lines.

The company is exclusively looking for Chinese partners.

As potential cooperation partner a manufacturer capable of the above depicted radar technology is sought for a joint venture project and / or supply and service contract for implementing the technology in a new and innovative application.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The technology sought should meet the following requirements:

• minimum International Protection 67 (24/7 field operation)
• no moving parts respectively low-maintenance (Mean Time Before Failure > 8.500 h/a)
• long life span
• small dimensions
• little weight
• power supply 24V/230V
• RJ45 data interface (standard Ethernet 100Mbit/s, TCP/IP)
• no long-term-purchase components

• user interface compatible to Microsoft Windows

Radar specific:
• pulsed signal (no Continous Wave/Frequency Modulated Continous Wave)
• 3D radar
• sensor shall radiate in one or more of these frequency bands:
9.2 – 9.5 GHz; 13.75 – 14 GHz; 17.3 – 17.7 GHz; 34.2 – 34.7 GHz; 59.3 – 64 GHz; 76 – 77.5 GHz; 92 – 95 GHz; 136 – 148.5 GHz; 151.5 – 155.5 GHz; 231.5 – 235 GHz; 238 – 248 GHz
• low electromagnetic radiation (according to “International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Guidelines”, “Council Recommendation 1999/519/EC” and “26. BImSchV, §2”)
• radar precision: target 1m² Radar Cross Section (RCS) detected in minimum 10.200 m distance; target 4m² RCS detected in minimum 15.700 m distance within an airspace of 0 – 600 m
• minimum angle of radiation: 60° in azimuth and 30° in elevation
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Potential partners are manufacturers of radar systems with the technological characteristics outlined above, that meet the following criteria:
• being able to produce radar sensors in large charges (mass-production)
• ensure a short period between charges
• have a flexible production output
• ensure product delivery, spare parts and technical support available in Germany
• have a short response time

Partnership will be considered on the basis of a possible joint venture project / a mutual innovation project in order to enter a new market inside the (wind) energy sector together.

Also, potential partners could be considered for a manufacturing agreement and will be supplying the product and related services on a contractual basis.

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