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Producers of foodstuff, beverages and household goods are requested by a Cypriot distributor.




A Cypriot importer/ distributor of foodstuff (i.e canned food, pasta, confectionery products, sauces, cereals), beverages (i.e wines, soft drinks, craft beers, juices) as well as other household goods (paper goods, baby wipes) is offering distribution services agreement to worldwide providers. It is looking for producers from Europe and beyond in order to sell their products in Cyprus.


The Cypriot company, which was founded in 2001, is active in the import, agency and distribution of foodstuffs, beverages and other products. The products are sold in supermarkets and groceries all over Cyprus, as well as in many catering businesses, regularly serviced by the company's own distribution fleet.

The products mainly imported and distributed by the company are: products of flour milling, pasta sauces and tomato products, dry pasta, rice, raw materials for baking and confectionery, sweets (Swiss rolls and also layers for cake, muffins, biscuits), bakery / cakes, biscuit sponge cake filled with cream or fruit filling in shape of cakes, snacks , cereals, cereal bars, processing of vegetable products and fruits, preserved fruits, sweet corn vacuum packed, canned meat, hazelnut spread, marmalade, bouillons, honey, vinegar, vegetable and flower seeds, beverages, alcoholic beverages (beers, wines), and other household goods such as plastic disposable-cups-plates-cutlery, toiletries and detergent.

The products are stored in the warehouses of the Cypriot company complied with the appropriate temperature conditions depending on every product’s demands.

The company's warehouses are located in an area with easy access to all cities of the island.

The Cypriot company is interested in establishing long-term distribution services agreements with producers of foodstuff and manufacturers of household goods from abroad. It is interested in enlarging its products’ range.
Potential partners should be producers of the following foodstuff:
• confectionary products, pastry, biscuits
• private label products
• cereals, cereal bars,
• canned food (meat, fish, vegetables)
• pasta, flour
• milk UHT (ultra-high temperature processing)
• sauces
Potential partners should also be producers of the following beverages:
• alcoholic beverages
• juices in tetra pack 1L
• wines
• craft beers
• soft drinks
Further, potential partners should be manufacturers of:
• paper goods, such as toilet paper, napkins, paper towels
• baby wipes
The Cypriot company is offering itself as a distributor to sell the potential partners’ products in Cyprus.
It would buy the products from potential partners and resell them with a profit margin to its local clients.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The potential partner should have an excellent knowledge and many years of experience in producing food products, beverages and/or other household goods.
The products should be of high quality and complied with the EU legislation on the hygiene of foodstuff.
Potential partners should also be experienced in trans-national cooperation.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Potential partners should ensure smooth and timely deliveries of the products.
The flexibility and reactivity of potential partners should be compatible with market needs.

Advantages & innovations:

The company has an advanced experience in the distribution of foodstuff and household goods.
Further, it has an excellent experience in international trade as it is already acting as a distributor for foreign companies.
The company is located in the middle of Cyprus with good proximity to all towns. It has also a well-organized distribution network and an existing customer base.
The company has a wide range of product assortment and a local notorious reputation.
Its warehouses comply with all the appropriate conditions regarding the EU regulations.

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