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UK start-up seeks software developer with UI and UX (User Interface and User Experience Design) AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) to develop a professional social media and communication, cost centre management platform




UK start-up is developing a social platform that allows specific professionals to connect, job share, manage overheads etc. using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to centralise and optimise data in current systems to deliver a robust platform that will eradicate staffing shortages. Partners with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, software development sought to enter into a services agreement to build a prototype.


UK start-up company based in London is seeking a software developer with relevant technical skills and experience to develop a professional social media and communication cost centre management platform.

The National Health Service (NHS) spends £2.4 billion per annum on temporary staff to address shortages yet hospitals are faced with staffing shortages.
Health care professionals in the NHS often opt to work either through a third party agency or private hospitals because of poor retention policies

With numerous digital solutions deployed to resolve understaffing in the NHS, workforce management has remained a challenge costing millions on staffing alone and leading to a poor patient experience.

The challenge has always been systems not being user friendly and too complex to use for personnel whose priority is to deliver clinical services and patient care.

The business is seeking to develop a platform to address workforce challenges within the industry by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) that will give the employer the ability to view and manage the workforce both contracted and those working through third party agencies at a single touch.

Using AI, it will connect and track professionals contracted by the NHS.andl offer a referral service, overhead budget management, GPS tracking of available staff and sharing of best practices on cases securely via the platform. This will highlight the “hard to recruit skills” and areas of focus tailored to specific hospitals etc.

The solution will seek to harmonise all systems and processes used to manage workforce in the healthcare industry and integrate it to their social media platforms securely to provide a lean robust platform.

Artificial Intelligence will form the backbone of this platform where data will drive technology that will disrupt workforce SaaS (Software as a Service) and centralise the healthcare workforce. Starting with the U.K. as pilot, it will then look to scale across Europe.

The business seeks services agreements with software engineers, AI and ML, academic institutions (data scientists etc.) and tech enthusiasts willing to work with a start-up based in UK to build a prototype to assess feasibility and to seek funding for full implementation.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: - AI and ML (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning).
- Software engineering and development
- Data science and Data management
- Blockchain and systems integration
- Research and Development Institutions
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The business wishes to develop services agreements with businesses possessing the technical expertise sought that will help the business to realise its vision of disrupting technology in the healthcare industry.

In addition, further service agreements with academic institutions focusing on technology, data and AI and ML research which will also form a backbone of the ongoing quality assurance throughout the product lifecycle.

Development Stage:

Concept stage

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Contact Enterprise Europe Network Scotland by email at, quoting reference number TRUK20181106001