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UK-based SME seeks novel, early stage molecules with activity against fibrosis




A UK-based pharmaceutical SME is looking for novel small molecules that have activity against the molecular processes that lead to fibrosis. The SME will further develop these novel compounds to improve their efficacy and safety profiles with a view to licensing the improved molecules to larger pharmaceutical companies to take onto the market. The SME seeks to partner with universities, research Institutes and companies in the form of a licensing agreement or technical cooperation agreement.


Fibrosis is an internal scarring process, which can occur in response to injury, where excess connective tissue is deposited in an organ or tissue thereby impairing its function. Most chronic inflammatory diseases will result in fibrosis, with progressive injury resulting in organ failure. Fibrotic disease can occur in nearly any tissue in the body and contributes to 45% of deaths in the developed world. Solid organ fibrosis can occur as a result of many different diseases, for example inflammatory bowel disease. Current therapeutic options are limited for these chronic and often life-threatening diseases.

A UK-based SME has considerable expertise in fibrosis and is developing cutting edge therapies that aim to stop and reverse the formation of fibrotic tissue. This SME is looking for novel, early stage molecules with activity on the molecular mechanisms underlying fibrosis to add to their development pipeline. The company is looking for molecules that it can further develop by improving activity, drug-like properties and safety profiles. The SME has expertise in medicinal chemistry, computational chemistry, pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, analytical and business development; and are able to add significant value to a compound /program with the capability of taking the asset through preclinical development as well as Phase 1 clinical trial stage with the aim of licensing on to a larger pharmaceutical company for further development and market registration.

The SME is looking to partner with universities, research institutions and companies of all sizes with such novel molecules with the partnership being envisaged as a license agreement or a technical cooperation depending on the individual situation.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The UK-based SME is looking for novel small molecules with activity on the underlying mechanisms of fibrosis formation. They are especially looking for molecules at a very early stage of development. As well as access to the molecules and their chemical structure data the SME would also require information on the molecules' target and the data generated to date on activity and safety profiles.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The UK-based SME is looking to partner with Universities, Research Institutions as well as companies of all sizes that have identified novel small molecules that have the potential to stop and / or reverse the formation of fibrotic tissue.

The UK-based SME will develop these early-stage molecules through an optimisation process improving their activity and safety profiles. The SME will take these molecules up to Phase 1 clinical trials with the aim of then licensing them on to larger pharmaceutical companies for later stage clinical trials.

It is anticipated that these partnerships will take the form of a licensing agreement whereby the SME will in-license the novel small molecules from the partner. Alternatively, a technical cooperation agreement will also be considered where appropriate.

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