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Global technology development organisation with UK base requests novel products and technologies in anatomical pathology or microsampling for commercial agreements




A global technology development company with its commercial office in the UK is actively looking for innovative products and/or technologies in the pathology consumables and microsampling space to add to their portfolio. The company intends to bring these products and technologies in-house for further development and/or commercialisation. Partnerships are envisaged to take form of commercial agreements with technical assistance, technical cooperations or licensing agreements.


A global technology development organisation with its commercial office in the UK is actively seeking partnerships with organisations that have developed or are working towards innovative products and/or technology within the pathology or microsampling space. Their focus is on histology consumables that can enhance the overall laboratory workflow efficiency. Another area of interest is in technologies within the microsampling space that allow sampling in a point of care or near-patient setting.

The organisation has a strong track record in driving collaborations, leading commercial partnerships and investing in novel technologies to deliver solutions that can create an impact on well-being of communities. Furthermore, they have an accelerator program for supporting and growing early stage technologies. As part of the program, they provide organisational infrastructure as well as technical collaborative knowledge for young companies with a novel product or solution.

The organisation has the goal of working on science that benefits people. As part of their vision they are seeking to influence improvement of global diagnostic practices by bringing innovative technologies that create value and enable better diagnoses and treatment decisions. To that end they are seeking innovative products and/or technologies in the pathology consumables and microsampling space

The organisation is welcoming discussions towards broadening its product portfolio -
- Through collaboration, the organization aims to build on existing strengths to expand the pathology consumables portfolio and is looking for partners with the right scientific and technical fit
- Their broad experience in development of new microsampling based solutions including blood and skin samples, makes them a partner of choice for potential collaborators interested in expanding their own reach and impact in this space.

Partnerships are envisaged to take form of commercial agreements with technical assistance, licensing or technical co-operations.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for innovative products and technologies in the following areas:

- Pathology/Histology consumables
- Pathology/Histology equipment
- Microsampling
- Point Of Care sampling

They are looking for companies which are working towards:
- Innovative technology and/or products within the pathology laboratory workflow
- Microsampling related technologies for sample collection including blood and skin

The products / technologies should be ideally at late stage development or early market adoption with a clear value proposition against the incumbent
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The UK-based company is looking to partner with companies that are working towards innovative products and/or technology with a sustainable competitive advantage. This could be either within the pathology and/or microsampling space.

The UK-based company expects the partner company to provide these technologies / products to include and expand on their portfolio. In return they will provide management expertise to drive the collaboration and technical assistance to add value and finally take the solution to market.

It is envisaged that partnership will take form of commercial or licensing agreements or technical cooperation agreements where appropriate.

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