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British company seeks encapsulation and release technologies for agrochemical applications




A British company that provides technical consultancy services in the field of formulation science seeks novel encapsulation and release technologies for agrochemical applications. The technologies should provide increased stability, better compatibility or better sustained-release. The company is primarily looking for license or commercial agreements, but will also consider manufacturing agreements or research/technical cooperation agreements.


The British company was established in 2012 by a collective of academics with deep knowledge and experience in formulation science to provide innovation and R&D services to businesses.

The company offers consultancy, project management, idea generation and development, assistance with commercialisation, market and business development, training and events.

It is currently working with a number of high profile customers to implement novel encapsulation and release technologies into projects with agrochemical applications.

As a result, the company is actively seeking new and innovative encapsulation and release technologies. These technologies could be unique materials that provide the desired properties or a new process that offers the additional benefits sought.

The desired benefits that the novel encapsulation and release technologies provide should include one or more of the following:

- Enhanced protection of active ingredients in terms of greater stability
- Improved compatibility of active ingredients
- Better sustained-release which allows for release of the active ingredients over a prolonged period of time either by diffusion or a trigger such as pH

Although the intended use of the technologies is within the field of agrochemicals, the technologies could be initially intended for other applications such as pharmaceuticals, healthcare, home care, inks or coatings.

The ideal partner would be one who owns the intellectual property associated with a suitable technology and would like to either license the technology by way of a license agreement, or sell the technology via the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

A contract manufacturing arrangement could also be suitable by way of a manufacturing agreement.

The British company would also consider technologies at an early stage or close to market. In such instances the company would be willing to collaborate through either a research cooperation agreement or a technical cooperation agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Technologies for encapsulating or controlling the release of active ingredients with greater stability, improved compatibility or prolonged release are sought. These could be existing technologies or technologies that are conceptual, in an early stage or close to market.

Planned use is within the field of agrochemicals but the technologies may already exist with intended uses in other fields.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The ideal partner would be a company or university spin-off which owns the associated intellectual property and could license or sell the technologies through a license agreement or commercial agreement.

However, an industrial partner who offers contract manufacturing could also be suitable if they are able to provide the end product that incorporates the technologies to the British company.

If there is an academic group with a unique proposition then they would also be considered for a research or technical cooperation agreement so that resources could be pooled for more rapid development.

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