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The Ukrainian company is searching for technology for wooden magnetic levitation toy




The Ukrainian company is looking for the partner for developing a children's wooden toy, which includes the option of magnetic levitation. As magnetic levitation, the SME understand the technology or the method of lifting and fixing the object at a certain height using only a magnetic field.
The company interested in partners for technical, manufacture or research cooperation.


The Ukrainian SME is seeking for partners with the expert knowledge in a magnetic technology. The company's core business is games for children. The SME wants to create the new toy.
?oncept of this game: board game with wooden figures of different types of birds, which are flying above the board surface (fields of competition), and their movement in the air from place to place takes place according to the rules of the game for the competition of two players with each other.
The company studied examples and counterparts (described below) of toys and levitation products. However, none of those methods of achieving the magnetic levitation is acceptable for the described wooden toy, which is intended for children from the age of six years and should be safe during exploitation.
The company is looking for partners for technical, manufacturing or research cooperation through contracting, consequently, of the technical, manufacture or research agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is searching for the technology or a way to use magnetic levitation, which will allow achieving the levitation of a bulky piece of solid wooden toys over the surface from wood, without the use of electromagnetism.
An additional challenge is a search for alternatives (other than magnetic levitation) how to use the phenomenon of magnetism for children's wooden toys.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is offering a partnership to producers and inventors of games and toys in a form of manufacturing, research or technical agreement. The company is interested in cooperation with foreign partners so that the toys based on the company’s ideas could enter into mass-production and be introduced in the market. The idea and basic mechanics of the toys have been worked out by the company, a partner just has to develop the technology of the products and manufacture them.
For each type of agreement:
• Type of partner sought: manufacturers or inventors of children’s entertainment products (partner who is looking for new technology or a way to use magnetic levitation, companies which are searching for alternatives (other than magnetic levitation) how to use the phenomenon of magnetism for children's wooden toys, companies which have experience in production such kind of toy)
• Role of partner sought: to develop offered concepts of the toys, and produce their final variant.

Development Stage:

Under development/lab tested - The company has investigated such technologies (methods) and examples of the application of magnetic levitation: • levitation of pyrolytic carbon plates (diamagnetism) • quantum levitation (Meissner effect) • maglev or magnet plane – train on a magnetic suspension, which is driven and guided by magnetic forces • levitron – a dipper that rotates, which able to "hang out" in the air over a special magnetic base of neodymium magnets • a table lamp and pots with the option of electromagnetic levitation, developed by the Swedish company • board game «Hoverkraft levitating construction challenge», which for the staticity of the flying plate applied an additional vertical fastening



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