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Russian company engaged in electricity generation is looking for solutions and technology from foreign partners for the production of SRF




A Russian company from Moscow is looking for owners of a technology that would allow municipal solid waste to be sorted in order to produce solid recovered fuel (SRF), which will be used to produce electric energy. The company would be interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance, create a joint venture or license agreements.


The Russian company from Moscow was created in 2017 to create infrastructure in Russia for the treatment of solid municipal waste, including 1-2 hazard classes (batteries, mercury lamps and accumulators). The company has all the necessary permits, connections, and most importantly finances for the implementation of waste recycling projects in Russia.
Today, all collected waste from the population in Russia is disposed of at special landfills, thereby creating a dangerous environmental situation. The Russian government launched a garbage reform, one of the goals of which is the complete utilization of municipal solid waste and the minimum disposal of inert materials after sorting at landfills. The Russian company is implementing some projects in Russia for the construction of plants (more than 100 plants in priority) for sorting municipal solid waste (in particular, sorting of biological waste), for producing SRF fuel after sorting and generating electricity from the obtained solid recovered fuel (SRF). At the moment, the construction of one pilot plant in Russia is under consideration to sort 700,000 tonns of municipal solid waste per year to obtain SRF fuel and further generate electricity.
The Russian company is looking for design and engineering companies that own such technology as part of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a joint venture or a license agreement. Within the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a foreign partner will have to prepare a detailed commercial proposal for the necessary equipment for a plant in Russia for sorting municipal solid waste, producing SRF fuel from them and further generating electricity from SRF fuel. Next, the partner will have to provide all the necessary design and engineering documentation for the construction of such a plant, supply the necessary equipment for the plant and ensure its commissioning. As part of the joint venture, the foreign partner is invited to create a company in Russia, where he will enter an equal share and sell all his technologies to the new company. The Russian side will provide production facilities and provide orders for many years to come. Under a license agreement, the Russian company is ready to sign an exclusive agreement on the use of this technology in Russia. A foreign partner will have to supply this equipment to Russia and carry out its commissioning, warranty and post-warranty services, participate in the preparation of design and engineering documentation with customers. The Russian side will engage in attracting Russian large customers.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: A potential partner interested in cooperation will need to offer the Russian company a complete set of developed design and engineering documents for the construction, taking into account Russian standards and safety qualities, and provide it with the necessary equipment. Also, when delivering the equipment for the production of solid household waste fuel, attach the necessary documentation for compliance with the standards and operational and warranty characteristics.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type - SME, large companies
Role - in the framework of a commercial agreement with technical assistance, a foreign partner will have to supply equipment to Russia and ensure its commissioning and warranty service. As part of a joint venture, a foreign partner together with a Russian company will create a new legal entity in Russia and drag its production to Russia.
Under a license agreement, a foreign partner will transfer exclusive rights to commercialize this technology in Russia.
- The technology should exist on the market.
- The partner should be the owner of the technology for the gasification of SRF. The partner can be the distributor of the sorting line.
- The gasification installation should incinerate the 100,000 tonnes of solid recovered fuel per year.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Secret Know-how,Patents granted - The Partner should have the patents on such technology.

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