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Italian company looking for collaboration in identifying industrial uses of vegetal waxes




An Italian SME specialized in coffee decaffeination is aiming to become a zero-waste company. While they can reuse or recycle every resource used during the process, the only waste they still produce are waxes estracted from the coffee beans. They are looking for technical collaborations in order to identify the possible uses of these vegetal waxes in other industries. They are also interested in research collaboration on circular economy and industrial symbiosis topics.


The company has a long lasting experience in processing green coffee beans and it is specialized in decaffeination. They are very innovative in terms of process optimization and their vision is to become a zero-waste company, with an holistic approach on circular economy. At the moment they are able to re-use and recycle most of their resources, except for the waxes estracted from the green coffee beans after the decaffeination process. The quantity and characterization of these waxes change, depending on the coffee type (Arabica or Robusta) and the blending. They had contacts with agro-chemical industries and textile industries, and now they would like to identify the most profitable re-use of the natural waxes. For this reason they are looking for technical collaboration with industries dealing with natural waxes in order to anayze in which sector they could be re-used as secondary raw material and which level of quality is required for every different sector (i.e. in cosmetics, chemicals for agrofood, textiles).
The company, due to its holistic approach on sustainability, is also interested in being partner in circular economy and/or industrial symbiosis projects to improve its processes, products and services. They have been involved in regional and national innovation projects and are ready to scale on international projects with foreign companies and research centers.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for technical collaborations with companies or research centers to identify possible uses of the waxes obtained by the decaffeination process. Depending on the industry sector in which the waxes would be used, the company needs to characterize the waste and prepare it for being re-used. For this reason they are looking for expertises both from public and private sector in order to find a use of their natural waxes as secondary raw materials for other sectors.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for research centers or companies with technical competences in natural waxes. The role of the technical partner would be to indicate the possible industrial uses of the waxes extracted from green coffee beans and the quality specifications needed in the different sectors.

Development Stage:

Field tested/evaluated - The company would like to find one or more industrial uses of the waxes already in use and be supported to prepare their waste for future uses. They would prefer to find solutions already tested and ready to be implemented.

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