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Italian SME looking for solutions for cleaning small components in optical measuring machines




A northern-Italy company is active in the production of optical measuring machines for mechanical and medical industries. The SME is looking for efficient technology solutions to integrate automated cleaning of small components in its measuring machines. Partners will act as suppliers under commercial agreement with technical assistance.


A northern-Italy SME is looking for efficient technology solutions to improve automated cleaning of components in measuring machines.
The company, active since 1960, has solid experience in computer vision and image processing applications in optical metrology solutions, optical measurement equipment and automated quality inspection control. The SME provides optical measuring machines, optical systems and metrology software for mechanical engineering and medical technology industries.

Industrial metrology is the science of measurement applied to manufacturing and other industrial processes; it ensures suitability, calibration and quality control of measurement instruments, materials, procedures and production processes. It provides understandable and unambiguous information on measures.
The SMEís optical measuring devices are specifically designed to measure small components (micro-mechanical parts, dental implants, watch parts and micro-parts in general) up to max 120 cm. Measuring tools can be manual, semi-automatic and automatic, with a different influence from the operatorís work affecting the quality of measurement.

The company is willing to examine cleaning and/or washing technology solutions for small components to be integrated in the SMEís existing measuring machines to allow cleaning right before or during the measurement process, in order to assure precise, objective and reliable measurement results, independent from the operator's action. Every type of technology would be considered: immersion, infrared etc.
The solution sought would rapidly remove dirt, dust, shavings, oils, emulsions etc. and would not require manual cleaning of components measured.

The company is looking for technical partners, both companies and R&D organizations, from every sector, providing solutions for automated cleaning of small components in - or adaptable to- optical measuring machines. Solutions considered can be existing products, prototypes or close-to-market solutions.

The SME is looking to purchase the innovative solution: partners will act as suppliers under commercial agreement with technical assistance: the company will evaluate proposed technologies and will work together with partners to test, adapt and parameterize the solution to the SMEís requirements in terms of technical performance and usability, in close contact for technical assistance and support to the transfer of technology and know-how.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: - cleaning technology integrated with the measurement process in measuring machines and devices

- time-saving, efficient and rapid process (cleaning should be completed in seconds or minutes)

- avoid manual cleaning of components

- does not require recalibration of components from one operation to the next

- integrable with SMEís machines

- technical assistance required to adapt the solution and transfer know-how
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: industry (SME, large and multinational companies), inventors, R&D institutions and universities.

Field of activity: every industry sector, if linked or adaptable to pivot the technology and apply it to measuring machines.

Role: under commercial agreement with technical assistance, partners produce the solution or product and sell it to the Italian SME; ready to cooperate for the technology transfer.

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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