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Water and/or air filter cartridges to be used for environmental pollutants removing




An Italian innovative startup patented some hybrid materials for the absorption of environmental pollutants and also for the biodegradation induction of hydrocarbon pollutants spilled into the sea. The company is looking for suppliers of air and/or fresh/salted water filters, to be filled with these innovative absorbent materials, and so only the empty filter cartridges are needed. A commercial agreement with technical assistance will be proposed to suppliers of air and/or water filters.



An Italian innovative startup founded by a team of researchers with complementary skills in the field of chemistry, biology, earth sciences and physics has developed an idea on environmental technologies.
The idea is to operate in the above mentioned sector through sustainable resource management and with the use of innovative solutions.
The business focuses on "environmental friendly" and eco-sustainable products for the recovery of (and non) contaminated marine waters, and in general for the reduction of the contaminating load in impacted marine areas and for the protection and safeguard of the environment.
The methodology developed and patented by the team of researchers (now the company's founder) is at the basis of the offer of products and services, which through the use of clays and appropriate functional reagents, leads to the development of innovative hybrid materials.
The developed innovative materials are used for the absorption of environmental pollutants and for the induction of the biodegradation of hydrocarbon pollutants spilled into the sea.
These materials, based on functional cross-linkers and clays, can be recovered, regenerated and reused in the form of monoliths or tiles. They can also be applied as coatings or impregnating agents for various surfaces by means of processes grafting, to obtain new functional materials (e.g. paper, fabrics, powders).
The company intends to use the patented materials to obtain two different types of filter, one for water (both fresh and salted) and the other for air. To this end, two different types of containers (filter cartridges) with certain characteristics must be found so that, once filled with the innovative material they can develop the filtering action.
The filters for water will act as a body for the insertion of suitable replaceable cartridges (in nylon with mesh <125 µm) containing the absorbent material in the form of dust, foams or sponges.
Air filters can be used to retain germs, bacteria, spores, fine particles and viruses. They must consist of steel or plastic frames such as to contain panels / cartridges in synthetic fibers (e.g. polyester) on which the absorbent material will be incorporated.
The company is interested in cooperating with partners through commercial agreement with technical assistance.
Since the required filters belong to two different types, it is possible to answer even for the supply of only one of the two types.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Characteristics of water filter:
Filter body material: PVDF or PPL
Filter volume: ~ 15 L
Weight: not decisive
Minimum flow rate: 6 m3 / h
Maximum working temperatures: 50 C
Maximum working pressure: 6-9 bar
The filter must also have a breather valve with a pressure gauge (optional) and a suitable support to lock the cartridge inside.

Characteristics of air filter:
Fluid: air
Construction: in panels
Type: pocket filters, hoses, sleeves, cartridges
Other features: pleated, low pressure, fine filtering, HEPA, dedusting, antibacterial
Operating pressure: 600 Pa (0.087 psi)
Min .: 0.047m / s (6.003.493 ft / s)
Max .: 4.820m / s (170.216.694 ft / s)
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for partners who can provide the filters according to the specifications required and able to adapt them to the requirements of the applicant company if necessary. It is the company's aim to achieve a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The ideal would be to purchase equipment with technological assistance, in order to face potential problems that could arise during the phase of technology transfer.

Development Stage:

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