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An Italian research group looks for a specific sprinkler for injecting an innovative drug




An Italian research group has developed a new therapy to naturally stimulate the production of nerve growth factor (NGF) to increase longevity and mental capacity. The therapy is based on the administration, through a nasal dispenser, of a physiologic solution delivered at high pressure (HPIS). A sprayer devices manufacturer capable of required specifications (see technical specification) is sought. Service and commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.


The Italian research group has already patented in USA and Italy, (the patent is pending in Europe) a new therapy to naturally stimulate the production of NGF by the individual himself without side effects. This innovative approach is particularly suited for neurodegenerative diseases.
One of the main results reached during the clinical tests is the nasal administrations with specific patented physical parameters of natural agents increases NGF levels in nose, cochlea and brain. The therapy is effective in the hearing diseases, neurological disorders and viral infections.
The administration should be strictly controlled having a pre-dosed spray delivery with equal power of supply. The delivery by mean of a sprayer (natural device), is repeatable and not harmful on the nasal mucosa. The administration by mean of a sprayer permits to raise awareness of the nasal mucosa to the stimulus irritation and facilitate the arrival of mast cells which degranulate and release their inflammatory mediators, including NGF, epidermal growth factor (ECF) and serotonin.
The research group is looking for a manufacturer for the spraying device, capable of meeting the technical specification (see the devoted section) for collaboration aimed to provide service for designing and manufacturing of the new sprayer. Also, in the case of an existing sprayer with proper performances, it is envisaged a commercial collaboration (supply and distribution) and technical assistance in the case of failure or device improvement.
In this case the international partners should find an agreement about the commercial details: only sprayer-device supply to the research group, or complete “sprayer device + “therapy pack” to be supplied together to any potential customer.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The research group is looking for a manufacturer able to produce a sprayer capable of meeting the required specifications. The content must be of physiological solution
The parameters are as follows:
- 120 dispensed pre-set with a pressure of 5 gr per second
- 0.3 seconds at delivery, then 1.5 gr at delivery ..
- 180gr bottle so as to contain 15 days of 8 deliveries (to be applied every other day - the total duration is therefore one month). Or a bottle of 90 gr, valid for 15 days.
The real difficulty will be that of having pre-dosed delivery with equal power of supply, because all the other devices have initially high pressures that then go down progressively with the decrease of the content.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Italian research group is looking for a manufacturer for the sprayer device with commercial agreement with technical assistance.
The manufacturer should offer (new design or existing design) a sprayer device capable of meeting the specifications and in particular without a pressure drop during the delivery period.
The research group will test the sprayer and after positive tests an international commercial collaboration could be reached.
Industry and research organisations are preferred for service and commercial agreement with technical assistance. In this case the sprayer device manufacturer should warranty the technical assistance in case of sprayer device out-control or failure. Moreover, it is preferred an international partner with logistic facilities for storage and dispatchment to the customers.


Patents granted

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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