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ICT partner sought for digitisation of commercial operations in the tuna value chain




Two well-established Basque fishing companies in the North of Spain, launched a challenge through an open innovation platform. The question raised concerns new services related to the digitisation of commercial operations that could help protect consumers against systematic non-compliance with legal and sustainability standards in the tuna value chain. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is sought with ICT partner specialising in data management and process automation.



Tuna is one of the natural resources with the highest volume of trade worldwide. The two companies involved in this challenge carry out their activities continuously moving between different international and national legislations that relate to:
? Prevention of illegal, unregulated catches,
? Origin or place of provenance of the food product,
? Responsible Fishing,
Although tuna fishing is a regulated, controlled and transparent activity in theory, situations of unfair competition that adversely affect those who make responsible catches, normally occur such as:
Blocking of commercial operations until sustainability is assessed,
Introduction of products that do not meet the minimum legal conditions in the market,
Difficulty in monitoring traceability due to excessive documentation,

The pilot for the new digitisation services will cover a real operational situation and will be technologically viable for coordinating commercial operations in the tuna value chain in the extraction phase (see chart on attachment section) It will have to ensure the sustainability, legality and traceability of the fishing process, overcoming the situations of unfair competition described above.
The tuna fishing value chain is made up of many operators, including ship owners, extractors and processors, canneries and their associations, intermediaries to the final consumer: traders, suppliers, logistics operators, distributors and retailers, legal agents and credit insurers.

The potential solution will have to comply with the sustainability requirements set by the Responsible Tuna Fishing organisation (APR-Atún Pesca Sostenible in Spanish), see UNE 195006 standard. Finally, this solution would enable payment to be generated automatically without any human or expert intervention.

This open-innovation initiative was designed by a regional development agency in the Basque Country (Spain) for the promotion of innovation in the local economy.
It is a meeting place where all sorts of organizations; public and private can publish a challenge that can be responded by startups, consolidated companies, individual entrepreneurs, SMEs, universities, technology centres and the like in an open-innovation scenario.
Schedule: submission of candidacies starting on 16th November, deadline: 11th December.

The winning company will develop a pilot project of € 15,000 at most for a period of 6 months. Organisations that will offer a solution do not need to be based in the region of Biscay. Nevertheless, the development team will be judged favourably if they carry out the pilot in Biscay, either in the town of Bermeo where the Town Council will provide facilities or in Gernika, in a public business centre.

There is an information link with indications on how to proceed with potential solutions. It will be provided to interested candidates upon reception of EOIs.

Likewise, responses to the challenge may come from any entrepreneur, startup, SME, technology centre or university in a partial or integral way. The type of agreement envisaged involves a commercial with technical assistance collaboration.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The main development area for technologies the challenge can accommodate are clearly related to the TICs sector; companies that manage data, deal with automation processes and the like.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The task of the partner sought is to develop partially or totally, a pilot solution that will:

• Produce new digitisation services covering the commercial operations involved in the extraction phase of the fishing activity.

• Comply with the criteria of the Responsible Tuna Fishing organisation (APR according to the Spanish acronym, see UNE 195006 standard) over all the phases and control points of the tuna fishing chain value.

• Involve automatic and safe payment

Such a partner can be an SME, a startup, a university division, an engineering company … any organization involved in TICs technologies; integrators or developers of software, traceability developments, solutions implying sensor technologies, managers of data, of automation processes and the like.

The type of cooperation is flexible in principle, but as it involves a technological challenge, it will fall in the realm of a technical agreement (commercial with technical assistance)

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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