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Valorization of sewage sludge as a fertilizer within the framework of the circular economy




Spanish company dedicated to water treatment, want to take advantage of the sludge generated in the wastewater stations in fertilizers for agriculture and giving a new use to the sludge.
Specialists are needed to recognize the different types of waste under study, the initial situation and the problems associated with their generation, to identify and develop the best available management and treatment techniques for research and technical cooperation agreements


Spanish company dedicated to water treatment since 1998, with more than fifty years of experience in the machinery sector in the Canary Islands and West Africa.
The company carry out "turnkey" projects, including supplies, installations and civil works, from the initial drafting phase of the project, until its subsequent execution and start-up. For this, they have specialized in the treatment, operation, maintenance, distribution and conduction of water, in the protection of the environment and have reached collaboration agreements with some of the most prestigious national and European companies related to the integral water cycle. .

In their goal to apply the circular economy in the activity of the company, plans to develop advantage of the sludge generated in the wastewater stations in fertilizers for agriculture by closing the water circle of the WWTPs (Wastewater Treatment Plants) and giving a new use to the sludge and thus stop being a waste to be a new fertilizer.
The proposal is to dry the sludge up to 80-90% of dry matter and then mix with an input of organic origin that must be at least 40% of the total fertilizer according to Spanish regulations.
Our problems are:
Supplies that we should use
Sludge sanitation.
Regarding the supplies, we have think animal excrements (cows, horses, pork, etc) or pruning remains because this input should be something that exists a great deal and cheap.
On the other hand but more important it is necessary to sanitize the sludge to kill bacteria (E-coli and salmonella), according to the regulation and certification
The company are looking for experts who can collaborate in this project with experience in the sector: Water management expert, innovator, investigator, etc., under a technical cooperation agreement and research cooperation agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: In a circular economy environment, the treatment and management of urban WWTP sludge is one of the challenges we face. Therefore, we need specialists in technological solutions that allow to reduce the final amount of sludge to be managed, its energy recovery and/or the obtaining of different materials and by-products valid for its use in agriculture.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: R&D, industrial organisations, academic institutions and other innovators with expertise in water cycle and water management expert.
Research cooperation agreements, for researching new solutions and technologies in sewage sludge.
Technical cooperation agreements, seeks collaborators with technology expertise in supplies and sanitize the sludge

Development Stage:

Proposal under development - The company are implement a greenhouse for the solar drying sludge and animal excrements


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