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A Spanish research organization is looking for a test bench for high strain rate characterization of plastic/metallic/foam/composite materials




Spanish technology centre working in the development of solutions for transport and energy is looking for a provider of materials testing machines. The product requested is a servohydraulic high strain rate testing system, with a window allowing strain measurement by digital image and an optional coupled climatic chamber. This new facility is aimed at expanding the research and knowledge capabilities of the centre. Services agreement or commercial agreement with technical assistance are sought.


Spanish international application-oriented research organization specialized in the development of solutions for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and suppliers (TIER) for transport and energy sector is looking for a test bench for high strain rate characterization of materials.

This research organization applies research and development for companies (OEM and TIER) in the transport sector carrying out each and every stage of product development from the conception of a new idea, selection and analysis of materials, simulation activities, processing, prototype product and tooling design and manufacturing and pre-industrialization tasks, including the final validation of the product. By means of this working methodology, the centre generates the necessary knowledge and manages its transference to the customers, so they can achieve their own goals and a greater competitiveness in the market. More specifically, this RTD applies concurrent engineering techniques, including industrial processes, and are capable of arriving at the full industrialisation of the solution for those sectors.

The product requested is a servohydraulic high strain rate testing system for material characterization in dynamic (high rate) conditions. Strain measurement is obtained by recording the tests with high speed cameras and post-analyzing them by digital image correlation (DIC) methodology. The final purpose is the materials characterization for material card creation.

The testing system would be employed to characterize different materials (plastics, metallic, foams, composites, etc.) applying different testing configurations (tensile, compression, 3-point flexural tests... ) on both: quasi-static and high strain rate conditions. Speed range between 0.03 mm/s and 20 m/s is required. Feasibility for carrying on fatigue tests would also be considered.

The testing system must be able to carry on tests under temperature controlled conditions. So, climatic chamber coupling is also required. For recording the tests, the climatic chamber must include a window, allowing images acquisition without distortion.

The centre desires an initial purchase of described equipment for investigation purposes.

The partner searched must be highly specialized in this kind of materials and components testing machines with capacity for manufacturing and design with expertise in detail the individual requirements of the different industries of automotive and energy sector and meet testing needs with state-of-the-art solutions accordingly. The partnership is envisaged as a commercial agreement with technical assistance in order to purchase the test bed and received additional services to support the transfer or a services agreement for a long term collaboration.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The product requested is a servohydraulic test bench for dynamic characterization of materials with an optional coupled climatic chamber.

Technical conditions to be achieved:

- Maximum force capacity: minimum 25 kN (50kN also possible)
- Maximum linear testing speed: minimum 15m/s (up to 20m/s desirable)
- Maximum data acquisition speed allowed (frequency rate): at least 1 Gigahertz (GHz)
- Load cell 0.5 class
- Analogical inputs: at least 4
- Analogical outputs: at least 4
- Digital input/output (I/O): at least 4
- Climatic chamber:
-- It must work both: independently or coupled to the testing system for temperature controlled tests
-- Temperature range: (-100, +200 C)
-- Low temperatures by means of liquid nitrogen supply.
-- Relative humidity control not required but valuable
-- Stand alone control required. Additional programmed control mode valuable.
-- Window required for recording the tests with high frame rate cameras for ulterior DIC analysis. Mandatory: no distortion allowed by the window glass.
-- Internal light for inspection required. Uniform and intensity-variable light for video recording highly valuable.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: A company provider of dynamic materials (plastic/metallic/foam/composites) testing machines, according to the specification described in previous fields.
The center is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance, the technical assistance should include advice for its proper use.
A services agreement is envisaged too, the services provided will be in terms of a turnkey solution.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration


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Services agreement Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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