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Spanish research center is seeking for an European university with experience on urban energy planning for knowledge exchange.




Energy area of Spanish technology centre is seeking an European university with expertise on energy planning to exchange knowledge in the area. This exchange includes staff international mobility for a short period, desirably with a department of development and planning or urban planning and management.
Partnership sought is a technical or research cooperation agreement for a knowledge transfer on Energy Planning and future collaboration on a Horizon 2020 Call.


Spanish horizontally integrated technology centre is specialized in offering global solutions to companies. It provides them since 1994 with experience in developments, processes, systems and products. It operates in five economic sectors: industry, energy and environment, construction and infrastructure, agrofood, health and quality of life.

Energy area of Spanish technology centre is seeking a centre, preferably an European university, which has already developed an energy-mapping tool to be used in energy planning in cities. This cooperation will include staff international mobility in order to exchange expertise on this area and to start a collaboration line to develop future research and develop projects together.

It is expected that staff mobility will be 6 months to a department of development and planning, specifically urban planning and management, interested in collaborate with other centres for further development specialized on the energy plan tool about mapping and district energy planning.

The acquired experience and knowledge obtained by the staff of this energy area will be implemented in a specific Spanish region. More particularly, new products and services will be produced for the benefit of small and medium enterprises of this specific Spanish region.

The technology centre is interested in technological collaboration agreement with European universities for developing a knowledge transfer to energy area staff by promoting its staff mobility.
Further research cooperation agreement between both research entities will be empowered in order to develop new products or ideas for future calls in Horizon2020.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The expertise sought is energy planning in general and focus is on technical and geographical aspects, such as energy system analysis, and economic and institutional aspects, such as feasibility studies and public regulation seen in the light of technological change.

Staff mobility characteristics:
- Urban management and planning group of the planning and development department of a European university specialized on energy systems and energy information at regional or city level.
- Duration: short period of time, maximum six months, depending on availability of both centres.
- One researcher.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Partnerships can be set up in the frame of research and technical cooperation agreements. The cooperation will be carried out in close dialog between the partners with an intense transfer of knowledge. Long-term collaborations are envisaged, as the technologies to be developed will be applicable in numerous areas.

Technical or research cooperation agreement:
- European university with a management and planning department counting with an energy planning research group on it and been specialized on energy planning tool for district energy planning and mapping.
- Partner must be open for knowledge transfer by allowing the mobility staff to its premises by one of the staff of the energy division of the Spanish technology centre; it is also encourage the other way round.
- Exchange of ideas and empowering of cooperation agreement for future ideas for calls on Horizon 2020.

Development Stage:

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