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Tube / hose solution for fluid systems for the automotive industry made from sustainable materials based on rubbers & plastics are sought




A German automotive supplier company is looking for sustainable material solutions based on rubber and plastics for fluid tubes (hoses) in automotive applications. The goal is to reduce vehicle weight and thus contribute to lower fuel consumption. A commercial agreement with technical assistance is aimed. This request refers to an innovation challenge published on an open innovation platform.


A German multinational company with a subsidiary in Berlin develops pioneering technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods. The technology company offers safe, efficient, intelligent, and affordable solutions for vehicles, machines, traffic and transportation.

Nowadays more and more vehicle manufacturers are focusing on alternative drives to provide sustainable mobility solutions. The growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles increase the demands on components and materials. Therefore, lines and hoses are not only indispensable but also represent big potential. In hybrid or electric drives, fluid systems often made out of rubber, stainless steel or aluminium are increasingly being replaced by high-performance plastic materials. Plastic components reduce vehicle weight and thus contribute to lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions - while improving performance.

Sustainable material solutions are part of the German company's comprehensive sustainability roadmap, which aims to achieve 100 percent carbon neutrality, 100 percent emission-free mobility and industry, a 100 percent circular economy and 100 percent responsible value chains – all by no later than 2050.

Therefore, university research groups, research centers, individual inventors or startups are invited to be part of those strong ambitions by developing a solution for one of the following automotive applications:

- Lines for air conditioning applications e.g. transporting refrigerant (CO2 or refrigerants such as 1234yf)
- Lines connected to the transmission or engine transporting oil or fuel
- Lines for heating and cooling applications e.g. transporting water glycol
- Lines for the air induction of turbo charger applications e.g. transporting air
- Lines for exhaust gas management (Gasoline Particulate Filters such as DPF/GPF)

The cooperation will be in frame of a commercial agreement with technical assistance. The role of the inventor is to become either a material supplier, if they have the production capabilities, or they could co-develop a solution with the company. The project partner will see the solution entering the market within the company´s product portfolio. Furthermore, the partner will be mentioned as inventor of the solution in the company´s communication measures (e.g. social media content, website-stories, Internal news, press releases).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This technology request is part of an innovation challenge and is published on an open innovation platform from now until 28th February. If an organisation does express interest in cooperation with this firm before closing date, it will be guided towards this open innovation platform on which one can get in touch with the company experts.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The sought idea should focus on materials based on rubber and plastic and include one or several of the following solutions:

- Recyclable vulcanized elastomer hoses
- Decomposition and preparation of elastomeric waste/scrap
- Substitution of fluorinated polymers
- CO2 neutral processes for carbon black or other raw materials
- Bio-based reinforcement material
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The sought partner can be a university research group, research center, individual inventor or startup that has developed an innovative technology that could be used to address the described challenge.

The role of the inventor is to become either a material supplier, if they have the production capabilities, or they could co-develop a solution with the company.

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Commercial agreement with technical assistance


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