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Partners experienced in plastic moulding sought to modify multifunctional tool




A German company developed a retaining and clamping element, which is multi-functional and universally applicable. For further development they are looking for partners from Czech Republic or Poland, who are able to mould plastic sheets in a series production and/or offer the services according this request.

The company is interested to conclude a services or manufacturing agreement.



A German company, active in rubber and tires branch has developed a universal clamping element that offers a variety of possibilities for use. It is made from a long-lasting elastic plastic mixture. Because of the elastic material, it is very stable and long-lasting, but also light. Therewith, it is very flexible and can be used via turning and clamping it. Now the company plans to extend the possible uses and want to further develop the tool.

It is planned to fix the multifunctional tool to a plastic suspension.
For the realization, a stable plastic sheet/holder is needed with given sizes. With the help of the so-called plastic holder it should be possible to fix the multifunctional tool on a bed frame, easily and without drilling into the bed.

As a next step, the multifunctional tool should be fixed on the plastic holder. It is foreseen to realize this with a screw. For this reason, a borehole in the plastic plate would be helpful. This last step can take place during the manufacturing process at the manufacturer or later in Germany - depending on the technical possibilities of the partner.

An example of how it might look can be found on the attached picture. Please just note that the plate should be much thinner (not two plates, but only one).

The plastic should be polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyethylene (PE). It further should be long-lasting and stable as well as easy to clean.

For the moulding of the plastic plates and therewith, to realise further development of the multifunctional tool, the German client is looking for long-term cooperation with partners from Czechia or Poland.

Services agreement: The German company requires the technological service around the plastic holder.

Manufacturing agreement: The German company requests the manufacturing with the specific production technology processed (moulding of suitable plastic material inclusive drilling).

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The German company is looking for a manufacturer with expertise in the moulding of plastic parts. The ideal partner should be able to offer a good manufacturing quality of plastic sheets (e.g. no bursting) The plastic holder should be stable enough to guarantee a daily use during at least 2 years. It further should be easy to clean - robust enough not to become porous because of harsh detergents / disinfectants.

Furthermore, they should offer the opportunity to fix the multifunctional tool easily with them by a screw. For that reason, drilling should be possible into the plastic material. If possible, drilling during manufacturing could also be part of the contract. The plastic holder should be available for series production.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Industrial partners from Poland or Czechia are sought. Cooperation is envisaged in terms of a services or manufacturing agreement.

Tasks to be performed by the ideal partner:
- Offer the raw material
- Moulding of plastic plates related to given sizes for first tests
(to define the perfect size)
- Exact drilling (if possible)
- Possibility for series production
- Deliver ordered elements in time
- and/or offer services according the request

Development Stage:

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