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Partners sought for the development of movement-based learning modules for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) education




A Bavarian company is seeking partnerships to develop movement-based learning modules (methods & products) for fostering an active and healthy lifestyle in schools and education institutions promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) education. The company is looking for partners in Japan, Spain, Great Britain and Germany in the frame of research and technical cooperation agreements.


The Bavarian company is managing several collaborative innovation networks with the following core fields: health, (elite)sports and mobility. The goal of this request is to find motivated partners to build up and extend an international sports-innovation-network to promote the joy of movement worldwide and to jointly design innovative solutions for an active and healthy lifestyle.
In detail, four types of movement-based STEM modules for pupils are planned: a cycling, swimming and throwing module as well as a school tour module including visits to high-performance centers for elite athletes.
Each module includes the design of task-specific methods and products.
On the one hand, partners with know-how in technical development are sought able to support/take over the design and production of gadgets for interactive learning (e.g. balls with integrated sensors which record and asses throwing parameters so that pupils can analyse their own throws or a cycling module to gain insights into mechanics by learning how to fix bikes or by assessing speed and performance data when cycling)
On the other hand, partners for the design of the pedagogic concepts of the four modules are sought to ensure and enhance a positive and sustainable learning effect for the pupils.
The company is networked with relevant partners from industry and the education sector such as UVEX, Max-Planck-Institute, Technical University of Munich or Dunlop. Potential partners will benefit from their contribution to the project be mutual learning, exchange of knowledge and by becoming part of a global sports-innovation-network.
The company is looking for partners in Japan, Spain, Great Britain and Germany in the frame of research and technical cooperation agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for partners already working in the fields of education, sports and healthy lifestyle products or services.
Basically, any partner with technical or pedagogical skills that might benefit the project can become a partner.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Companies, universities, R&D institutes or networks interested in exploring and strengthening the field of STEM education by fostering physical activity and an active and healthy lifestyle in schools and education institutions.
They should be willing to contribute to the project by (jointly) developing movement-based learning modules - products & methods / technical & paedagogical - for STEM education.
Innovative ideas by the potential partners for STEM products and methods are very welcome.

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Contact Enterprise Europe Network Scotland by email at, quoting reference number TRDE20180824001