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Food analysis New faster and less expensive measurement methods are sought




A German company seeks advanced food analysis methods and technologies, e.g. to measure sugar or alcohol content or detect mycotoxins. The methods should be faster and less expensive than conventional methods. Transfer from other sectors could be interesting. The company is open to technical, research, licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance.


A German company is specialised in development, production and distribution of measurement, analysis and assessment technologies with their equipment.

Customers of the German company are medium sized and large companies from food and food processing industry (e.g. bakeries, meat, pasta, feed, chocolate, dairy, brewing) as well as food raw materials (e.g. cereals, starch).

The German company is continuously innovating and striving to improve processes. Several processes that are presently applied are very time-consuming or involve expensive equipment.

Examples are:
Knowing the sugar content of food is important as this figure has an effect on fermentation, taste, consistency and calories. In solid food the sugar content is analysed via a chemical or enzymatic method with chromatography or photometry. The enzymatic methods are very time-consuming.
As mycotoxins are harmful to people, flours must be tested for these toxic substances. This is done with chromatographic and biochemical methods. These are time-consuming and chromatographs are very expensive.
The conductivity in food products is measured in order to determine salinity, formulation or the physical state of the matter. It is done with electrodes. The measurement is fast but the electrodes are costly wear parts.

The German company would be interested in more cost-effective and faster solutions for these tasks and others, such as measuring protein, ash and alcohol content, particle sizes, pH value or enzyme activity.

The company is looking for partners from research and industry in order to acquire, jointly develop or do research on new technologies within technical, research, licensing or commercial agreements with technical assistance. They could either adjust technologies jointly or receive the know-how from the partner or define research projects together.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: New food analysis methods that do not have the above-mentioned drawbacks. It could be interesting to transfer methods from other areas of application and adjust them to food and food processing industry requirements.

Suitable methods could be (not exclusively):

Wet chemical analysis on micro arrays
Fluorescence on micro arrays (Assay total protein)
Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) chips that capture information by light refraction or electrical signals
DNA-analytical methods
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: Industry, research

Area of activity of partner: The partner should have know-how and / or measuring technologies. The partner could be offering measuring products and solutions to a different customer group.
The partner could be active in R&D on measuring and analysis technologies.

Tasks to be performed:
Commercial agreement with technical assistance: Provide solution and assistance to adapt it, transfer related process know-how
Technical co-operation: Jointly adjust or improve technologies
Research co-operation: Define and carry out research projects to realise new solutions.
License technology: Provide rights for commercial use of technology

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