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Looking for manufacturer of metal bellows expansion joints




A Swiss intergovernmental organization / research centre is looking for supplier of 600 metal bellows expansion joints of internal diameters between 40 mm and 120 mm for connecting the hydraulic circuits of existing superconducting magnets.
The partner sought for a manufacturing agreement will be able to deliver the bellows according to the tolerances listed.


The Swiss NGO & research centre intends to place a contract (manufacturing agreement) for the supply of 600 metal bellows expansion joints.

The metal bellows expansion joints will be used to connect the hydraulic circuits of superconducting magnets and will provide flexibility for installation and thermal contractions. The operating temperature spreads from 1.9 K (–272.15 °C) to ambient temperature, and the internal operating pressure from vacuum to 20 bar.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The delivered parts shall comply with the following parameters and conditions:

•The metal bellows expansion joints shall be designed, manufactured and tested according to the standards EN 13445 or EN 14917+A1 and the Pressure European Directive 2014-68-EU for fluid of group 2;
•The metal bellows expansion joints shall respect the design parameters in Table 1
•Edge welded expansion joints technology is not accepted;
•The radial edge weld design is the only allowed design for the bellows attachment welds;
•All parts shall be made of EN 1.4404 or EN 1.4435 stainless steel grades;
•The expansion joints shall consist of a series of formed convolutions made of one or several plies welded at each extremity to cylindrical weldable ends. Ring supports shall be welded on each weldable end (see figure 1);
•Each type of expansion joint shall be fatigue tested at ambient temperature under the parameters in Table 1;
•The expansion joints shall be individually pressure tested according to the Pressure European Directive 2014-68-EU;
•The expansion joints shall be cleaned according to EN 12300;
•The expansion joints shall be individually leak tested according to the EN 1779-A1 by certified personnel to ISO 9712 non-destructive testing (NDT), level 2 and meet the 1.10-10 mbar.l.s-1 requirement.

Table 1:
Internal diameter 40 to 120mm
Expansion joint convoluted length Up to 300mm
Number of cycles 500
Axial stroke Up to 30mm
Lateral stroke Up to 10mm
Internal relative pressure Up to 20bar
External relative pressure Up to 25bar
Axial elastic spring rate Up to 1000 N/mm
Temperature 1.9 to 300K

The parts shall comply with the following norms and standards:

•Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU;
•EN 13445: Unfired pressure vessels;
•EN 14917+A1: Metal bellows expansion joints for pressure applications;
•EN 10204: Metallic products – Types of inspection documents;
•EN 10028-7: Flat products made of stainless steels for pressure purposes – Part 7: Stainless steels;
•EN 10216-5: Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes – Technical delivery conditions – Part 5: Stainless steel tubes;
•EN 1779-A1: Non-destructive testing : leak testing : criteria for method and technique selection;
•EN 12300: Cryogenic vessels – Cleanliness for cryogenic services;
•ISO 9712: Non-destructive testing – Qualification and certification of NDT personnel. Requirement: Level 2.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner sought is active in the manufacturing and testing of metal joints.

The tasks to be performed by the partner sought are:
• Engineering design file for the expansion joints;
• Preparation of the drawings of the expansion joints;
• Fatigue test campaign;
• Procurement of all materials;
• Pre-series and series manufacturing;
• Inspection and tests;
• Cleaning;
• Quality control and associated documentation;
• Individual packing;
• Shipping to Switzerland if required

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