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MSCA-ITN-2018: Innovative Training Networks - Seeking companies/universities working in healthcare/neuroscience for human-centric internet of skins technologies bid




A UK university is seeking companies to join their Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network bid to explore cognitive rehabilitation & augmentation of human skin electronics via the Internet of Things (IoT). They seek companies working with skin sensors/implants, healthcare software and/or IoT & brain/cognitive training to contribute their expertise and collaborate via research cooperation agreement. They also seek universities working in neuroscience from Germany/France/Spain/Italy.


The recent development of advanced sensors and low power integrated circuits, together with the pervasive use of wireless networks has led to the development of affordable, robust and efficient connected devices. These technologies have been transforming many aspects of our society, including but not limited to how we live our lives, how we manage our health and how we educate our children towards an even more technology-facing future. These systems of connected network of computing devices including mobile devices, wearables, smart sensors constitute what is known as “Internet of Things” (IoT).

New developments in material sciences and biomechanical engineering have further pushed for the development of novel technological platforms which were previously impossible. For instance, research by the supervisors of the proposed Innovation Training Network (ITN) include new functionalities on skin-like electronic devices which can be mounted seamlessly onto human skins, which can act as sensors (e.g. for tracking bio-signals) and actuators (e.g. for vibro-tactile feedback).

The aim of the ITN proposed by the UK university is to develop future leaders in next-generation Internet of Skins (IoS) as parts of the wider IoT framework, focusing on cognitive rehabilitation and augmentation, in order to serve identified needs of EU academia and industry. The proposed ITN will achieve this by providing training to outstanding early career researchers (ESR) in topics ranging from development of new sensing/acuating platforms as well as new algorithms and software applications through human centric approach. This cohort of next generation researchers will be able to operate in multidisciplinary contexts, developing novel human-centric solutions to address problems in a hyper-connected world where hardware, software and humans are intermingled.

The UK university works extensively in multimedia and digital arts, with a specific focus on healthcare applications.

The consortium currently consists of an Israeli research institute, a Cypriot university and a UK university.

They are seeking European companies working in the following fields:

- Skin sensors/implants
- Software/machine learning in healthcare areas
- General internet of things in health applications
- Brain/cognitive training

They are also seeking universities from Germany, France, Spain or Italy with expertise in neuroscience, with a focus on cognitive training.

The SMEs and universities are expected to contribute their expertise to the project via a research collaboration agreement.

The call is "Human-centric internet of skins technologies for cognitive augmentation” and is a “Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks" bid and the project is expected to last one year.

The call is not out yet and it is likely to come out in Sep with a Jan 2019 deadline. The client is adept and practiced at forming and submitting applications early.

The deadline for expressions of interest in this profile is 31 May 2018.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: Industry/University
Activity of the partner: Industry - healthcare applications of IT, specifically skin sensors/implants; software/machine learning in healthcare areas; general internet of things in health applications; brain/cognitive training
University - neuroscience with a focus on cognitive training
Specific role of partner sought: Contribution of expertise and technology

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Single stage

Acronym: Human-Centric Internet of Skins Technologies for Cognitive Augmentation

Deadline: 01/01/2019

Coordinator required: No

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