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Partner Search for EUREKA Project: Bee Hive Sensing for predicting the risk of colony collapse




A Turkish company is preparing a proposal for EUREKA Network Projects for developing a new technology for controlling all hives remotely by using a smart phone app.
Company has already partnered with a Turkish University and currently looking a partner for developing cloud system for IoT app and IOS and/or Android telephone apps and another partner for improving alternative treatments for Varroa mites.


A Turkish company active in weighing instruments and platform scales since 1994, is developing a proposal for EUREKA network projects. The aim of the project is to develop a technology for remotely controlling all hives by using a smart phone application.

Within the system, beacon based sensors are placed in the bee hives to monitor hive weight, temperature, humidity and sound, on a continuous basis. The graphic interface of bee hive monitoring is easy to interpret and is “user-friendly”. Furthermore, the humidity and temperature will be able to be controlled remotely to maximize possible alternative essential oil Varroa mite treatments and to boost brood production in the early spring months. All of the continuous data collection and remote controls of the hives will be displayed on one smart phone application. Data collection will be uploaded to the smart phone continuously using already existing cell phone network technology. Therefore, beekeepers located in rural areas will be able to control the system without cable internet access. When using the application it will be possible to set an instant alarm alerting the beekeeper if the hive is at risk of collapse, based on if weight, temperature, sound, or humidity levels are outside a critical range, indicating poor hive health.
The key that sets this new technology apart from the rest will be developing deep learning algorithms to train the application software to determine the risk at which the hive will collapse. From the training using deep learning, when and if the bee hive is at risk of health decline or collapse based on the multitude of variables continuously measured aforementioned can be precisely determined. Therefore, the output of the software will be user-friendly and facilitate an accessible interface for the average beekeeper. This will be a substantial improvement in comparison to the other smart hive technology currently on the market in the EU.
The company has already partnered with a Turkish university and looking for 2 more partners with the following expertise:

The company has already the ability to develop embedded system design for Hivemeter system, but there is a need to develop a cloud system for the IoT applications. Secondly, any partner that can aid in the development of IOS and/or Android telephone apps will be appreciated. An interface has been developed, but it is not complete and does not incorporate the deep learning feature yet. Moreover, the heating system that can be controlled remotely can also release drugs throughout the hive to kill Varroa mites, which is the number one damaging pathogen around the world for beekeepers. Any partner who is interested in improving alternative treatments for Varroa mites may be interested in working with the company to test the efficacy of these new treatment methods.
The duration of the project is 24 months.
The Project submission is throughout the year, however it is the intention of the consortium is submit by the end of April 2019.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: - Developing a cloud system for the IoT applications and development of IOS and/or Android telephone apps
- Improving alternative treatments for Varroa mites
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for SMEs,large enterprises and technology providers. Partners are being sought for the following tasks:

- Cloud System Designer for IoT applications also phone applications(IOS and Android),
- Drug producer for Beehives against Varroa, Nosema,…etc,

Advantages & innovations:

The goal is to make the system user-friendly, such that it is accessible to the main market of the project, beekeepers. The Turkish company will be using its own resources to produce the product, including the hardware design and software. Only the internal parts of the bee hive sensor will imported, so the product will be cheaper than alternatives on the market. This product is more advanced than the rest currently on the market because for the first time Deep Machine Learning technology that will be used to interpret the “big datasets” continuously collected from inside and outside of the hive, such that the recommendations to manage the bee hiveswill be used and will improve as more data is collected over time. With the smart phone app interface the parameters from the large datasets will be transformed so that any beekeeper can remotely understand what is happening in all of his hive and take immediate action to improve the health and management of the bee hives.

Development Stage:

Proposal under development

Programme - Call:


Deadline: 03/06/2019

Coordinator required: No

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