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Seeking German partners for a project to enhance artificial intelligence predictive and diagnostic capabilities under the Germany-Singapore SME funding programme




A Singapore technology SME in the market of business advisory, training and coaching services, is building its artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm capabilities. The SME sees a need to provide a holistic technology solution to assist companies with data-driven talent management, so as to drive business strategies.

The company is seeking to collaborate with complementary German SME technology providers via research partnerships under the Germany-Singapore SME Funding Programme.


The Singapore SME is seeking complementary tech providers to expand its AI technology capabilities. The company believes that leadership behaviours influence the motivation of employees, and in turn motivated employees could bring about positive business impact.

The company captures and analyses individual’s work behavioural data to understand how individuals’ contributions, behaviours and motivations lead to negative/positive impacts that affect pre-defined business key performance outcomes.

By providing structured insights and 360-degree view to such associations, remediation intervention activities could then be provided to support individuals’ transformation and growth, thus enriching a company’s talent grooming culture and simultaneously improving business performance outcomes.

The company seeks to build a holistic A.I. system that can:
• identify unique individual needs,
• collect data on inherent individual behaviours,
• build models to detect signals within collected data that may pinpoint areas of improvements for individuals,
• recommend intervention exercises/activities to improve individuals' job conduct and performance over time,
• associate individuals' behavioural measurements to real time and over time business outcomes.

The company will be contributing to the proposed project in the following areas:
1. Behavioural science expertise, allowing for domain insights in associating people behaviours to performance outcomes.
2. Existing AI algorithm capabilities to collect, read, interpret, predict and diagnose quantitative and qualitative data for real-world work environments.
3. Existing know-how in preparing reports providing 360-degree view of individuals in association with company's given performance outcomes.

The SME is keen to partner SMEs from Germany with the relevant AI expertise/technologies to collaborate on a project via research cooperation agreements to leverage the ongoing Germany-Singapore SME Funding Programme.

The timescales are as follows:

- Call deadline: 4 December 2020
- EOI deadline: 15 November 2020
- Project duration: Up to 2 years

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The Singapore company seeks the following technology capabilities from potential partners, to scale up their current technology base, to allow for wider opportunities in data collection, preparation, and labelling of work environment datasets:

• Voice recognition
• Text analytics
• Emotion and facial tracking
• Physical well-being tracking

The company is also open to connect with potential partners who have the technological capability to meaningfully analyses and provide reporting for datasets spanning multiple multimedia formats using:

• Algorithms for predictive and diagnostic analytics
• Visual analytics
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Singapore company is seeking partnerships in research cooperation agreements with SMEs of all sizes, where both companies will collaborate to undertake R&D for new product/service development.

Advantages & innovations:

A given use-case scenario to demonstrate the novelty, might be a call center who may utilise such technology platform. The stakeholders of the call center could set their expected strategic performance objectives, after which the proper data inflows (e.g., time-stamped records of call logs in voice or text made by call operators, cameras at workstations capturing the facial expressions of the call operators) could be sent to the platform where pre-defined predictive models could perform people analytics, providing selected insights pertaining to areas of individual improvement and growth. Further reporting could then be provided as to how the individuals' behaviours impact business outcomes.

In terms of recommendations for intervention activities, often times individuals may not be able to fully appreciate why certain behavioural transformation is necessary for positive improvements in job-related functions. Transformative remediation coaching which leads to behavioural adjustments requires the individuals' capability to reflect and internalise why such change is necessary for their growth.

The proposed technology platform could allow key impact areas within an individual's workflow timeline to be surfaced, as part of their individual learning events. This could allow individuals a valuable opportunity to observe how they speak, how they act, providing them with an observer perspective; a mirror image view of their own actions and performance at work.

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration

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