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[Eurostars] Portuguese startup is looking for partners with integrated expertise in automation and biosensors to co-develop an automated autologous cell therapy for personalized medicine




A Portuguese biomedicine start-up company is preparing an EUROSTARS project proposal. The project is targeting a solution related to the medical application of cell therapies, particularly for autologous strategies. The company is looking for a partner to lead the automation and biosensing processes, and to work in close collaboration in the system and biological calibration, plus the cell therapy formulation. The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement.


The company’s target is to solve a problem related to the medical application of cell therapies, particularly for autologous strategies. Test have already been validated with different doctors/surgeons from several international clinical centres. The proposed technology will produce standardized cellular cocktails using biosensing capabilities, allowing the full control over the cell therapy production inside the surgery room.
The sought partner will lead the automation and biosensing tasks in close cooperation with the startup. The process will be iterative, since the company will contribute to the design of the system, biological calibration, and cell therapy formulation. A national hospital will be involved in the consortium to provide early end-user feedback and collect patient samples under informed consent, collaborative agreement, and ethical committee approval. To execute the project, the prototyped device will be tested in clinical settings.
The company is interested in a research cooperation agreement to apply to the EUROSTARS programme, estimated to be a 2.5 years project.

Deadline for the Call: 04 November 2021
Deadline for the EoIs: 15 October 2021

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The start-up is looking for a partner to integrate the project, having integrated expertise in biosensors and automation. The partner will cooperate in the design of the device, production of an integrated prototype, and calibration of the system.
The required biosensing and automation capabilities will be used to sort cell populations based on density parameters (e.g.: cell size) and quantify cell concentration for the preparation of the final cocktail to be surgically applied.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner may be an industry or a research organisation or lab.
It should preferably have integrated expertise in biosensors and automation, to contribute to the design of the device, the production of the integrated prototype, and calibration of the system.

Advantages & innovations:

The therapeutic cocktail will be optimized for cell composition and mixture ratios. The device to be developed will be user-friendly, automated, and allowing the standardization of the therapy preparation inside the surgical room. The main advantage of using an autologous strategy, inside the surgery room, is the much lower regulatory barriers compared to allogenic applications. Other advantages are immunological compatibility and personalized therapy. Cells from the niche of the injured tissue will be used (shoulder).
An improvement of at least 30% in therapeutic efficiency is expected, compared to conventional platelet-rich-plasma applications and conventional preparation kits.

Development Stage:

Proposal under development - Orthopedic surgeons were contacted, from diverse hospitals in different countries, confirming the need of the proposed solution. Part of the system was prototyped to perform a proof-of-concept at the lab bench. The integration of biosensors needs optimization. The design of an integrated system and the implementation of automations are required. The system is aimed to be developed under the Eurostars project.


Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted - A patent was filed, and part of the project is also under secret know-how.

Programme - Call:

Acronym: Development of an all-in-one patform for advanced therapy medicinal product


Deadline: 04/11/2021

Coordinator required: No

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