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[Bilateral and Multilateral Co-Funding R&D] Development and Demonstration of AIoT(AI based IoT) service based on Digital Twin for optimal operation of heat energy in small and medium-sized buildings




A Korean company focusing on wireless-IoT technology has developed AIoT service for an optimal operation of heat energy in small and medium-sized building based on Digital Twin technology. The company is planning to develop and commercialise their service under R&D cooperation agreement with European companies by applying to Bilateral Co-Funding R&D programme. The Korean company is looking for partners that are interested in AI, Cloud Server Development, Platform development, IoT, and Energy.


Although heat energy is not the most familiar type of energy to us, the number of heat energy business providers are on a rise, especially in the European markets.

The Korean company is hoping to commercialise their technology by:
-collecting the heat energy of small and medium sized buildings based on their IoTI(Internet on Things) platform.
-diagnosing the presence of abnormalities in the heat supplying facilities through big data/AI(Artificial Intelligence) analysis
-developing the optimal algorithm technology for operation to improve the heat energy efficiency

Regarding the R&D(research&development) project the Korean company suggests:
- AI-based cloud platform development and IoT monitoring system that combines IoT, Energy, AI, Big Data, and Digital Twin technologies
- The European company to cooperate for a further development both in research and commercialising
- Accepting the European companiesí opinions and ideas including fields of studies (electricity, gas, water, etc)

[General information about the R&D project-AIoT platform]
AIoT platform is a smart energy operation management service for heat energy-based businesses. Its functions include:
- Collecting heat energy from small and medium sized buildings
- Diagnosing the abnormality in hot water piping by AI analysis
- Maximising energy efficiency
- Settling the disputes caused by the deteriorated building residents
- Deadline of the EOI: 2021.08.24.
- Deadline of the Call: 2021.08.31.

[Final Goals of the R&D project]
-Improve the heat supply efficiency, safety, and transparency through digitalisation of facilities for heat consumers in the collective energy supply chain
-Cope with the failures/malfunctions occurred by the deteriorated facilities for heat distribution network and its management system
-Real-time abnormality detection for heat distribution of customers through big data analysis and prompt action to prevent accidents
-Customer-tailored heat energy using AI/big data technology for efficient facility and heating quality improvement (not passive energy management)

[Previous Experience of participating in International Joint R&D]
-Finland (2016.09~2018.08): Eurostar2 project with a Finnish company
-India (2017.12~2020.11): R&D project with an Indian company about energy efficiency improvement

[Specialties and Know-hows]
-The Korean company has successfully attracted an investment in 2016 December ($1.3M).
-The Korean company has extensive development experience in network protocols, IoT communication technology, and cloud-based software.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partner sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner:
Software development

- Task to be performed:
We are looking for partners who are interested in AI, Cloud Server Development, Platform Development, IoT, and Energy.

Advantages & innovations:

[Technological Innovations- AIoT service]
- Provides an innovative system scalability in the fields of data collection; heat supply chain meter reading in a building complex, RTU (remote terminal unit) gateway, IoT router and AI EMS(energy management system) software, and existing AMI(advanced meeting infrastructure)
- Leads to a convergence of an EMS platform with an optimal operational control for household heat supply facility and data analysis technology for fault diagnosis
- Provides an open platform that can link various IoT devices
- Secures the safety of heat supply chain management as it allows for a proactive response in case of abnormal situations such as heat loss, leakage and etc.
- By applying cloud-edge computing technology, fast solution response performance according to the distributed processing of IoT data and security and stability are secured by the distributed storage of data

[Social Impact]
- Possible to reduce heat energy through the establishment of an AI-based customer heat supply chain management platform and data information service
- Secure the reliability of energy supply and safety management
- Create a new market with a business model that combines HW, SW, data supply and consulting with the data information service market
- By establishing a service platform on energy usage data, it is possible to support comparative analysis between competing and complementary electricity, gas, and heating energy and development of an efficiency service model to replace demand for other energy sources
- Applying the latest ICT technologies (cloud, digital twin, edge computing) makes virtual(remote) work feasible in the COVID19 pandemic
- Resolve complaints about excessive charges by means of a scientific method of meter reading
- Analyse big data of usage by household to prevent the risk of the elderly living alone
- Consistent with national energy policy implementation

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration


Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Development and Demonstration of AIoT(AI based IoT) service based on Digital Twin for optimal operation of heat energy in small and medium-sized buildings

Deadline: 30/09/2021

Coordinator required: No

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