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[EUROSTARS2] A Korean IT security company is looking for R&D partner in developing the next-generation intelligent security gateway and cloud-based integrated security information analysis system based on edge computing for IoT system security




A Korean SME specialized in an IT security evaluation and cloud-based security solutions is preparing a project proposal under EUROSTARS2. The R&D project is about further developing and designing the integrated analysis engine system and secured gateway based on edge computing which could prevent and manage cyber-attack on IoT sensors and devices in a cloud environment. R&D partner with knowledge in cloud security, machine learning, big data analysis or blockchain is sought.



This Korean IT company was founded in 2006 to support IT security business firms that are trying to obtain IT security evaluation and certification on the basis of the Common Criteria(CC), an international standard for computer security certification. Evaluation and certification carried out by the CC are now considered as a mandatory requirement especially for IT security products to be exported. They provide security evaluation service, consulting and a basic/advanced level of education on Common Criteria to IT security companies that wish to sell their products. The company also recently developed a cloud-based security solution and cloud system vulnerability scanner.

Today, most of the central server system is converted into cloud service environment in order to overcome various limitations such as performance, cost, manpower, work inefficiency. Along with this change in the IT industry, new security issue has arisen.
Moreover, new technical issue occurs such as low efficiency of cloud due to increased number of users and decreased speed due to increase in the network traffic.
In order to solve the problems stated above and to manage optimum level of cloud-based security information good for IoT environment, a new concept for system structure and improvement on environment are necessary. Such minimum change can be applied to various IoT based service environment for optimization.

This year, the company is planning to propose R&D project under EUROSTARS2 with the following objectives :

1. To enhance the security of various devices employing IoT sensors, the company develops a system including an enhanced security gateway using edge computing technology. Through this system, real-time integrated security information analysis at IoT sensor and device level are progressed.
2. To develop next generation cloud-based integrated intelligent security information analysis system that performs real-time and multi-dimensional detection, collection and analysis of security threat in IoT sensors and devices.

Through conducting the R&D project with competent overseas partner, the company wishes to achieve the following goals
- Development of security gateway operation firmware (gateway security and encryption, IoT linkage, cloud linkage, secure communication)
- Development of security gateway operation / management system (threat detection, monitoring, analysis, data filtering)
- Development of Cloud based security information analysis system (threat data analysis, machine learning based threat / attack analysis, big-data interlocking and data processing, external vulnerability database interworking, UI and operation management, warning and reporting, threat prediction, correlation analysis, analysis rule (policy) development, data filtering and storage management DB development and threat prediction scenario development)
- Development of technology for judging physical / logical abnormality between IoT sensor and device and countermeasure for counterfeiting through block chain technology
- Testing and evaluating gateways and analytical systems and developing environment (Test bed construction)
- System commercialization and verification test, upgrades

The company is aiming to submit R&D project proposal with partner in March 2020. Thus, EoI will be accepted until January 31, 2020.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: - Type of partner sought: companies, private/public Institutions, universities
- Specific area of activity of the partner: cloud security service, machine learning, big data analysis, cloud security solutions, Block chain
- Task to be performed: cooperative R&D and co-development of integrated analysis platform for cyber-attack prevention

Advantages & innovations:

? Data acquisition, management, analysis and device security enhancements for real-time IoT sensors and devices through interworking of edge computing based security gateway
? Provides multi-dimensional security response system and attack prediction environment through interoperation with security information analysis system of cloud environment
? Platform-based security gateways system and cloud-based security information analysis systems to provide an environment linking other systems and solutions
? Flexible application of various IoT environment and industry through platform-based system

Development Stage:

Concept stage



Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Submission of application is on March 2020

Deadline: 10/03/2020

Coordinator required: No

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