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H2020: EIC-FTI-2018-2020 - Italian company seeks two technology partners for a FTI call




An Italian company, already awarded with a Seal of Excellence in the framework of the SME Instrument for this project, is preparing a proposal for the Fast Track to Innovation call in May 2019.
The company is looking for two technology partners in order to complete the consortium.
The aim of the project is to create the first electric jet propulsion platform for the nautical world.


An Italian company located in Milan is working on an innovative project in the nautical sector. The project has been already awarded with a Seal of Excellence in the SME Instrument framework. The company is working on a project proposal with the aim to create the first electric jet propulsion platform for the nautical world. The platform is based on an electric engine and will be designed in a scalable way, so it will be available for recreational boating and commercial boating. Eight prototypes have been tested in water, at the moment the company is designing and finalizing the prototype n°9.
The project operates in the field of mass mobility, sector that is subject to a strong transformation, considering the progressive abandonment of fossil fuels to more eco-compatible sources.
The new propulsion platform proposed fits into this context and combines the advantage of an electric motorization with the advantage of a jet propulsion. Both technologies are combined in the new platform, becoming a single propulsion device.
The twin-jet is the technological heart of the platform, but is the modular and scalable platform design that allows the use of the engine on a wide range of boats, from pleasure boats to large commercial boating.
The first entry on the market of the new platform is in recreational boating, with boats from 12 to 24 meters. At a later stage it will go to the commercial boating market.

In order to complete the consortium for the Horizon 2020, Fast Track to Innovation proposal - to be submitted in May 2019 with a budget of around 3 million euros - the Italian company is looking for two technological partners. At the moment the others platform components (battery pack, range-extender, inverter/controller, Vehicle Control Unit, ecc..) are of commercial/self-built derivation, and must be redesigned. The company is looking for partners to develop these components, or to integrate other coherent technologies

EoI deadline: April 1st.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Italian company is looking for two partners, that can be enterprises (small or medium), universities or research centres.
The first partner is a technology partner, with expertise in smart battery packs building, with CAN (Controller Area Network) bus, active BMS (Battery Management System), smart remote control for usage/malfunction battery informations. New battery tecnology are welcome, even in the prototype stage.
The second partner is a technology partner with expertise in EV-HEV-PHEV (Electric Vehicles, Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles) design, expertise in inverter/driver brushless motor control, expertise in Vehicle Control Unit developments.

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration - Currently the Italian company is testing the prototype nr 8 on water and is finalising the final design in the motor “series 9”. After the test of the “series 9” in water, the homologation process will start.

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: Horizon 2020 - Fast Track to Innovation


Deadline: 23/05/2019

Coordinator required: No

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