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[Eureka or Eurostars] A Croatian producer of educational electronic devices for children is looking for experts in AI who will develop software components of the new device.




A Croatian company is an expert in the production of educational electronic devices for children - STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathamatics) kits - of top quality. To apply for Eureka or Eurostars, the company is looking for partners who are experts in AI who will develop software components of the new device in a research cooperation. The goal of the educational device is to develop the skills of the future in children and young people by connecting software with the real world.


The Croatian company was founded in 2017 and is focused on innovative solutions in DIY (Do It Your Self) industry using AI, IoT, machine learning, Edtech, object recognition and coding.
Company has experience in EU funded project and is a winner of national and international prizes.

The main goal is to develop a new educational electronic toy (drone) for the age group 7-18, which will help develop the skills of the future (STEM).
Through assembling device, users learn basic principles of electronics and electrical engineering, adopt new motor skills and enter the world of programming in a fun way.
Educative DIY drone technology utilises artificial intelligence and free movement in space. It will show children and young people in a practical and physical way how to connect software with the real world. Pre-knowledge of coding is not required.

The company has developed medium-fidelity prototype drone with 4 propellers, computer and a camera with computer vision consisting of a software and hardware component for the processing of computer vision. Basic tehnological components are integrated to establish that the pieces will work together.

The company owns the development technology and methodology of modular blocks that children can easily assemble.

A special protocol of electromagnetic connectors is developed so far, by which electronic devices are assembled and disassembled in a quick and easy way. Technology for wireless communication between drone controllers and the Internet is also developed.

The company is looking for a partner (enterprises, R&D institutes, universities,) capable to complete the software components of the device with an emphasis on AI, participate in the final design of the device, and design how the device will interact with the servers and controllers of the device.
The partnership sought is a research cooperation agreement to participate in Eureka or Eurostars, cutt off date in February 2022.
The expected duration of the project is 30 months.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partners may be from industry, academic, or research organisations.
It should preferably have expertise in software development, product development, AI with computer vision.
Partners roles include contribution to the design of the device, and design how the device will interact with the servers and controllers of the device.

Advantages & innovations:

Advantages and innovations of the technology include:
• The world’s first electronic device to teach children about AI, programming, computer vision and application everything in a simple and fun way.
• Cohesive learning paradigm based on real-world applications.
• The company has know how innovative ways to assemble and disassemble components, innovative AI approach, custom neural network, and for machine learning is made unique software with neural networks that is executed on the drone and allows users to learn about machine learning in a way that has no drone on the market.

Development Stage:

Under development/lab tested - A great interest was expressed by both distributors and customers. The company conducted a survey among the 50.000 existing customers what product to make next. The largest number of customers voted for the drone. Also, the existing distributors (over 50 of them) are interested in a product in the form of drones.

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