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Croatian SME is looking for a partner to submit Eurostars project proposal on development of specialized web portal




Croatian start-up with experience in the development of successful interactive portal is preparing an Eurostars proposal. They are developing an innovative concept for archiving and managing personal medical documentation, and looking for a partner to upgrade the portal with new functionalities based on the results of the research. Potential partner, SME, research institution or university, should be experienced in the health research field.


Croatian SME is an innovation oriented start-up looking for a new innovative solution in different aspects of life.
Until now, SME has launched an interactive web portal specialized in finding temporary, seasonal and part time jobs or workers. In two years of market presence there are 50.000 registered users/workers and more than 1200 registered employers.
By researching other key needs for modern society, SME has developed innovative concept for archiving and managing personal medical documentation. The project is in design phase with all key roles and functionalities. SME has conducted documentation analysis as well as market research. The end users of the portal are the patients globally.

SME is searching for a partner who can help to define and set up health related features that can lead to the launch of successful product, and to submit project proposal to Eurostars 2 programme.

The call's deadline is the 3rd September 2020
This partner request is open for receiving expressions of interest until the 06th August 2020.
Expected project duration is 100 weeks.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Ideal partner for the project would be international research organisation, SME or university or research center with focus on health, prevention, education or similar.
The role of the partner would be advisory based on knowledge they already have or on a newly conducted research results.
In project plan there are 3 different activities for 3 partners. Croatian SME with idea, project and development plan then another Croatian SME engaged in IT software development and now looking for a partner who would help with the research on needs of future users.

Advantages & innovations:

The scope of the project is to investigate the habits and needs of the modern population regarding the use of medical services, archiving medical records, and the development of products and services that will contribute to users' awareness of their own health information and the prevention of the development of potential illnesses. The final product is a specialized web portal.

Trends that are evident in the Republic of Croatia as well as in the whole of the European Union (as well as countries that have candidate and potential candidate status) tell about the global ageing of the population, which is directly related to the trend of increasing visits to doctors. The service this SME is developing, based on the research result, will facilitate and bring health care to a higher level, organise medical records and increase awareness of raising the quality of life through preventative health care.
On the market there are applications or services of different medical institutions but this new solution allows a person/patient to manage his own medical records from different sources, combine them and analyse.
The experimental development of the tools will be based on the industrial research and the results will be available for public use.

Development Stage:

Proposal under development


Secret Know-how

Programme - Call:

Acronym: Development of tools to increase user awareness of their own health status and prevention


Deadline: 02/03/2021

Coordinator required: No

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