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EDIDP: SME in meteorologic/oceanographic sector is sought for a Defence call (Greek SME preferred)




A French SME specialised in the development of simulation tools – particularly Virtual Terrains Generation – in the defence sector is preparing a proposal for the EDIDP call.
The project will develop a universal environment simulator able to manage numerous heterogenous data and release specialised visualisation services for several defence-related activities.
To complete the consortium, a Greek SME in the meteorologic/oceanographic area is sought to design and run different scenarios.


Any military and civilian body is led to operate data from modelisation and simulation, whether it be from numerical simulation or hybrid simulation using real elements.

Today, there are various sites hosting environmental data (SEIS – Shared Environmental Information System, EEA – European Environment Agency…) but none is able to provide relevant and ready-to-use data to simulation applications because those data:
- Cover oversized and large mapping units
- Refer to incomplete geographic scope
- Focus on specific subjects (biodiversity, ecology, crisis and events management…)
- Have different update periods

The French company project aims at developing a universal environment simulator hosting standard modules able to simulate fields/grounds from location-based heterogenous environmental data (real time or slightly delayed) and offer web-based specialised services in oceanography and meteorology.

The universal environment simulator includes 2 systems:
- Data collector and management: it will allow to create databases able to collect and use many data types and formats coming from many sources. They will be used to create virtual fields, objects and environments.
- Environment management mission: it will offer business services as well as transverse services by operating the data collector and management system and a visualisation module.
Areas for the specialised services foreseen are: meteorology and oceanography, geographical extent, terrain, scene, optics, electromagnetism, pathway/road, astronomy, dynamical ground, geography, visualisation.

Today, the consortium includes 2 SMEs and targets the EDIDP (European Defence Industrial Development Programme) call to be released soon.
The French SME will be the coordinator and will be responsible for the simulation part of the project. The 2nd partner is a Belgium SME which will in charge of the collection, management and 3D/4D visualisation of data.

To complete its consortium, the French company is looking for a SME partner (Greek partner is preferred) to design and operate weather and oceanographic scenarios and missions. Those scenarios will be used as a demonstration of relevant mission use cases : Maritime awareness.

Deadline for EOI : 01/08/2019
Deadline for the call: 19/08/2019

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partner sought: SME in the maritime/oceanographic sector

Role of partner sought: the partner will script different kinds of scenario and different kinds of missions to implement the simulator in Maritime awareness

Advantages & innovations:

- 3D image reconstruction using in real time satellite imagery and aerial imagery is a major innovation.

- The simulator will be able to collect and use many data types and formats coming from many sources: GHOM (Geographical, Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Meteorological), SEIS, Sentinel, Mercator Ocean, Eurocontrol…

Development Stage:

Concept stage

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