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French BigData specialist is looking for academic and IT specialized companies to become partners for their H2020 "Big Data solutions for Energy" call proposal.




French start-up specialized in Big Data solutions and data intelligence is looking for European partners to complete the building up of the consortium for the H2020 call Big Data Solutions For Energy DT-ICT-11-2019. Mainly searching for academic or R&D structures : University, R&D center, technology transfer centers. The consortium also needs IT architects and integrators, also software developers. But more generally the company would consider all propositions.


French start-up offering consulting, services related to data management and analysis for companies and public authorities; is willing to complete its consortium for the H2020 call "Big data solutions for Energy" DT-ICT-11-2019.
For the moment, the partnership is composed of the Big Data company, their partner who is one of leaders in energy (electricity) supplier and smaller companies engaged in energy transport and distribution. They have also connexions with local authorities who could deploy the pilot locally and work with social building managements authorities for connecting smart energy houses; IT architecture builders and IT companies who could develop necessary software and apps. A smaller energy distributor is also connected to this young consortium.
The consortium is willing to address main objective of the call. The project aims at engaging Big Data and other IT facilities and software avaliable on the market today to improve management, storage and distribution of energy inside an existing ecosystem This pilot should be scalable at different geographic locations and different sizes.

The projects' objective could be put in reality by building a pilot of the analytics toolbox which will develop and support a wide range of energy services. This will lead to optimization of the management of assets connected to the grid (in particular small-scale/renewable electricity generation and those used for demand response) and to the increase of the efficiency and comfort of buildings, and to de-risk investments in energy efficiency.
The French start-up specialized in Big Data knows this is achievable by reliably predicting and monitoring energy savings.
At the same time, the project will contribute to effective integration of relevant digital technologies in the energy sector.
This will lead to more enhanced energy asset management, increasing consumer participation and innovative network management, creating new data-driven business models and opportunities and innovative energy services.
The project should also contribute to increasing the use of renewable energy and increased energy efficiency based on optimised energy asset management, offering access to cheaper and sustainable energy for energy consumers. That's why all parts of the user chain is engaged in the project and a big responsability is upon the public authorities.
The project would aim to build a new business model or a pilot around actual market industrial partners or including new actors. This pilot should be sustainable on the market and have a proven business strategy.
This is the reason why the actual partnership needs to be enriched, and has to be as logic as possible and sustainable.

Deadline for EOIs : 04/02/2019
Deadline for the call : 02/04/2019

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Looking for academic partners including Universities, R&D centers specialized in smart grids, smart cities and connected building. These ones could also have expertise in IT and software in order to work on the architecture of the pilot.
Possible partner might be a consortium leader or coordinator.

The project would also accept network operators, suppliers, independent aggregators, power exchanges, building management and renovation sectors, software integrators/developers to complete the consortium.

Advantages & innovations:

Optimizing energy sector in Europe by impulsing big data technologies
More enhanced energy asset management
The use of renewable energy
Market scalable pilot for new energy data-driven grids
IT use in energy sector

Programme - Call:

Evaluation scheme: One stage


Deadline: 02/04/2019

Coordinator required: No

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