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EUREKA Eurostars: Different partners sought to develop a reusable laundry detergent




The team of a professor of a German Technical University of Applied Sciences and an Estonian university want to develop a reusable laundry detergent. The detergent bases on an enzyme bound on particles with magnetic core. To set up a consortium and project for the EUREKA Eurostars funding scheme, they are looking for SMEs and research organisations with expertise in detergent R&D and production as well as solid liquid separation based on a research cooperation agreement.


A specialized campus of a German Technical University of Applied Sciences (UAS) focuses on research and education for chemical industry, i.e. chemical engineering, automation in chemical industry and environmental technology (circular economy). They are cooperating with an Estonian start-up with proven concept, taking part in research on the detergent.
Target of the project is the development of a reusable laundry detergent. The detergent bases on enzymes bound on particles with magnetic core. Further functions of the detergent such as surfactants, bleacher etc. are realized by different functionalizations. The detergent is selectively separated subsequent to every washing step by a magnetic separator. The impact on the whole industry sector of washing liquid producer would be large. End-users are primarily private households.
The German UAS will be responsible for the development of the magnetic separator, having extensive expertise on magnetic separation. The Estonian university made the proof of concept of washing agent enzymes bound on carrier particles and will focus on the function and binding of enzymes on carrier particles.
They are looking for partners to support the development of the detergent and particle synthesis. They should be experienced in the field of enzymes, detergents or similar, as well as other parts of the washing process. Another partner with experience in production and functionalization of carrier particles is required. The target call is EUREKA Eurostars with one of the first calls in 2021 (deadline not published so far) or another similar European funding scheme.
Deadline for EoI: 31 January 2021

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: They are looking for SMEs, large industry companies and research institutes in different areas:
1. Companies (preferably SMEs) and research institutions with experience in detergent production. Primary target is to develop functional parts of the detergent (such as tensides, water softener, washing alkali, dirt carrier or antifoaming agents in a way) which can be bound on carrier particles.
2. Companies (preferably SMEs) and research institutions with experience in production and functionalization of carrier particles to develop and adapt those for the specific process.

Advantages & innovations:

A reusable laundry process would revolutionize the whole process and industry segment, save money and resources and respect the environment. Every household can benefit from the revolutionary process. It will help the consumers to stop releasing the laundry detergent by reusing it. This makes the washing process more comfortable and cheaper for private households.
The innovation will support the sustainable and green transformation of the economy by stopping the release of washing liquids (enzymes, surfactants etc.) and protecting the water quality.

Development Stage:

Under development/lab tested - The principle of binding enzymes on magnetic particles and using them for washing is proven. There is a concept for different functions such as surfactants, bleachers etc., but no proven concept. The complete process including all washing detergent functions is not proven so far.

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