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UK product marketing and trade event agency seeks an overseas electric bike manufacturer and offers an exclusive commercial agency agreement to represent in the UK and Ireland




This leading UK based marketing and live trade event agency has, over a number of years, established several retail, direct sell and trade fair/consumer event selling routes to market.

In keeping with its environmentally friendly product bias, the company is looking for a high-quality overseas electric bike manufacturer who is not currently, or not sufficiently, represented in the UK and Ireland and offers an exclusive commercial agency agreement to gain access to this region.


This UK product marketing and live event/trade show specialist has been trading for over 40 years and has established itself as a market leading agency in the UK, working with high profile consumer brands. It has a wealth of retail, direct sell and trade fair/consumer show experience.

The company has local representatives in England with regular presence in Scotland, Wales and Ireland who represent and sell a number of major household brands throughout its existing sales channels described below.

In keeping with the company’s environmentally friendly product range, it is looking for a good quality electric (or ‘e-bike’) manufacturer who is not currently represented (or has little presence in) the UK and Ireland.

The company offers the following services to any potential partners:

- British and Irish e-bike market place product assessment;
- Network of carefully selected and skilled direct sell sales agents across the UK & Ireland;
- Direct sell events: demonstrating the product without the presence of competitors' products;
- Trade events: demonstrating the product alongside others in the trade;
- Retail introductions in the UK and Ireland and maintenance of excellent buyer contacts;
- E-commerce website specifically designed to appeal to the UK market;
- Social media presence specifically designed to appeal to the UK market;
- Central point of contact and regular sales reporting;
- Optional service agent/s in the UK for minor repairs and technical problems;
- Trade and consumer direct sell point of contact in the UK & Ireland by phone, email, social media.

The company is also willing to be flexible / open to other bespoke commercial sales options or suggestions but the model would not include physically distributing the e-bikes - all orders come via e-platform and will require sending to the end user's address and the consumer will pay the cost of the shipping. In this business model the cost of physical distribution is kept to a minimum and the product remains competitively priced.

The company believes there is a substantial market for the right product in the UK and is keen to partner with an overseas manufacturer of quality e-bikes for a long-term agreement in order to represent the products in the UK and Ireland on an exclusive commercial agency basis.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company seeks to partner with a manufacturer of a quality e-bike with a central electric engine with potential models for city use and also more trekking focussed. Also willing to discuss accessories and spare parts for repair and necessary maintenance.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Organisations wishing to work with this UK company should be experienced manufacturers of quality electric bikes looking to either enter or increase market share in the UK and Ireland.

The company is open to discuss commercial terms for mutual benefit but will only work on an exclusive representation basis for the UK and Ireland. Existing trade intermediaries will need to be discussed.

It is looking for a long-term collaboration with pro-active manufacturers who have ambitious growth plans. The company can also offer a local service/repair option but would require initial technical training and support.

Potential partners must be willing to appoint the company as an authorised representative of its products in order to enable the maximum amount of visibility to the consumer.

Advantages & innovations:

Below is a list of the advantages for potential partners with regards to developing a successful relationship with this company:

• Company has been established since 1977, representing some of the major household brands;
• The company has insight into the UK leisure sector for effective market placement of e-bikes;
• It allows partner's products to be seen and experienced as close to the end consumer as possible;
• Access to a variety of tried and tested sales channels and contacts throughout the UK and Ireland;
• Sales channels include both B2B and B2C;
• Commercial terms open to being discussed for mutual benefit of both parties;
• Visibility and transparency of customers for all partners for market research and insight;
• Long-term agreement with manufacturers preferred for ease of business planning;
• Pre-agreed terms of engagement to facilitate absolute clarity in working relationship.

Development Stage:

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