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A British start-up designing recyclable outerwear garments is looking for sustainable production partners




The UK company is a start-up British brand designing sustainable womenswear for the circular fashion industry. They are looking for a manufacturer for the production of their environmentally friendly and sustainable performance outerwear coats. Ideally, but optionally, partners will have disassembling facilities to help the UK company recycle and upcycle these garments.


The British company is a start-up brand designing and developing innovative sustainable womenswear with innovative fabrics and fibres. They work with natural fabrics but also high quality recycled textile to create eco-friendly fashion products.

The new brand is currently offering high performance jackets that are made from sustainable fibres such as recycled polyester, organic cotton, hemp, mushroom-type of leather.

The UK start-up is looking for a manufacturer to produce these outerwear (coats/jackets) in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.
They would also like to find a partner who will be able to disassemble the whole garment to be upcycle and then made into a new outerwear. This request could be fulfilled by the original manufacturer of the garment or a different company that has the disassembling know-how and the right facilities to upcycle textile.

The UK company's vision is to work within a sustainable circular fashion economy. Their mission is to be completely transparent to their customers by making traceable and environmentally friendly clothing in a fair way from start to finish. This focus on transparency means that they want to be able to inform their customers on how and where the product they buy is made. Therefore it will be important for the UK to have a close relationship with the manufacturing partner that is open minded and flexible for visits.

A manufacturing agreement is sought.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The UK company is seeking to collaborate with a manufacturer that can make sustainable performance outerwear coats. In a second instance, they are also looking for a manufacturer (same or different company) who can work on the disassembling and upcycling of the coats previously made.

The ideal partners will be able to meet the following criteria:

- offer a small and flexible order quantity to start with;

- have a flexible operation and open to welcome the UK designer to visit their premises when required;

- advanced in market developments in the textile industry, knowledgeable about upcoming fashion trends and experienced in biodegradable materials.

- possibly have in-house R%26D capability or connection with certified laboratories to test new fabrics;

- aware of environmental issues, e.g. reducing water consumption throughout the production process, and committed to energy efficiency in their factory;

- have an ethical and progressive human resources policy, protecting workers rights and welfare.

- have a similar vision, mission to the UK company's, i.e. ethical and environmentally friendly; also preferably certified by one or more of the following standards: OEKO-TEX®, Global Organic Textiles Standard, Blue Sign (a standard for environmental health and safety in the manufacturing of textiles), WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production).
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The British company is looking for manufacturing partners with experience in producing outerwear and with expertise in sustainable novel textiles; disassembling facilities are optional but would be a plus.

Their role will be to manufacture the new garments designed by the UK company and to collaborate with them to develop new products using sustainable innovative fabrics. Ideally, the partner might be able to advise on biodegradable materials.

If the partners can offer the disassembling facilities as outlined in the description above, they will also have a strong recycling knowledge and the right machineries that can start to separate blended cotton and separate dyes and contaminants.

In both cases, it is essential that the manufacturing partner operates a sustainable/environmentally friendly and ethical business model.

In both case a manufacturing agreement is sought.

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