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UK medical products company seeks new suppliers of consumables and offers commercial agency or distribution services agreements




This UK based distributor/wholesaler of medical consumables to health service organisations has established itself as a well respected presence in the global healthcare sector.

With a growing customer base, this company is in a position to market a range of new medical products to established sales channels worldwide. Therefore the company is looking for suitable manufacturers of quality medical consumables and offers commercial agency or distribution services agreements.


This established UK distributor and wholesaler of a range of quality medical consumables to a number of overseas customers has the opportunity to supply new products into a pre-existing customer base, predominantly in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and other countries in the Middle East but also worldwide.

The range of medical consumables currently being distributed and also sought by this company includes (but is not limited to) syringes - used in medical, surgical, dental or veterinary science, tubular metal needles, needles for sutures, catheters, cannula and insulin syringes.

The company currently supplies products from a number of manufacturers to its customers and is currently looking for new, quality medical consumables to increase the attractiveness of its offer and grow the business over the next couple of years.

With a strong network in the Gulf area Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt - the company has an opportunity to develop sales into a number of health service organisations, both in the public and private sector. It will also be attending a number of large, high profile health trade shows in the coming year in order to develop new opportunities.

Ideally, the company would like to find manufacturers/suppliers of high quality and innovative medical consumables who are willing to appoint the company as an authorised representative of its products, in order to enable export of the goods overseas.

Therefore the company is ideally looking for long-term agreements with ambitious suppliers with experience of developing and/or manufacturing new medical consumable products, and offers commercial agency or distribution services agreements to such organisations.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Partners should have experience in the manufacture of medical consumables including syringes, tubular metal needles, needles for sutures, catheters, cannula and insulin syringes for supply to the global healthcare sector. Other high quality consumables would be considered.

Companies should be committed to high quality manufacturing standards conforming to World Health Organisation regulations.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Organisations wishing to work with this UK company should be experienced suppliers and/or manufacturers of quality and innovative medical consumables.

Potential partners must be willing to appoint the company as an authorised representative of its products in order to enable export of the goods overseas.

Potential suppliers/manufacturers should be willing to provide marketing, advertising materials of their products in order to help sell the products into existing sales channels. The company would expect to work with responsive, professional and loyal partners in order to achieve long term goals.

In return this company offers its services under commercial agency or distribution services agreements in order to supply products into existing and growing sales channels overseas, and ultimately increase income and market share for both parties.

Advantages & innovations:

Below is a list of the current advantages for potential partners with regards to developing a successful partnership with this company:

The company has been growing over the last two years with a loyal customer base and demand for new products;
The company owner has a background in, and is fully qualified in, biomaterials and regenerative medicine and, therefore has specific expertise in the medical products industry;
The company has a very strong network in the Gulf area, which has a fast growing requirement for supply of medical consumables to the health sector;
Vast knowledge of both procuring and exporting products overseas;
Long-term agreement with manufacturers/suppliers preferred;
The company works with medical products which are quality manufactured, yet priced competitively to widen market appeal;
The company ethos is to provide excellent customer and after sales service and this is reflected in the steady growth in turnover;
Attendance in main sector specific trade shows worldwide to develop company profile amongst industry peers and increase sales;
Pre-agreed specification and volumes of products preferred for ease of business planning;
Pre-agreed payment terms and terms of engagement to facilitate absolute clarity in working relationship.

Development Stage:

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