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Ukrainian company engaged in the sale of mineral fertilizers seeks EU suppliers of mineral fertilizers for distribution in Ukraine




The company is engaged in the sale of mineral fertilizers in Ukraine. It purchases mineral fertilizers from large Ukrainian producers and importers, and then sells them to small and large farmers.
The company is looking for a company (enterprises) producing mineral fertilizers in EU countries for their distribution in Ukraine.
The agreement on which the cooperation will be built will be a distribution agreement.


The company sells mineral fertilizers in Ukraine and cooperate with both large and small farmers.The result is satisfied customers. Due to responsibility and competence, the company rapidly developing in Ukraine.
The Company purchases standard fertilizers such as carbamide and nitrate from leading enterprises of the chemical industry of Ukraine. But These fertilizers are classic to use, at the moment, new types of fertilizers are becoming relevant. Today, agricultural producers want to increase productivity, for this they need to use modern fertilizers that are developed and used in the EU countries.
Since Europe is a leader in innovative agricultural and chemical methods for growing grain and oily crops, the technologies used by the leading EU companies would increase the yield in Europe, which would positively affect the Ukrainian market and satisfy the request of the Ukrainian company.
The desired result that the company wants (expects) to receive from participation in this project: to open a European representative office in Ukraine and organize sales of products.
The company would like to cooperate with companies with micronutrient fertilizers, organic fertilizers, complex (phosphorus) potash fertilizers.
The company operates according to state standards established in Ukraine. Based on phytosanitary legislation.
Since Ukraine is an agricultural power, the so-called "green" basket of consumption and distribution of high-quality agricultural products, food, vegetables and fruits, the search for a partner with high-quality fertilizers will lead to a decrease in a number of serious diseases in the country (for example, oncology), which is very important for the country as a whole, and later it can be a whole state program for this business.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The company is looking for partners to purchase new complex fertilizers known as NPK, that have already passed certification (or have not yet passed), but have already taken their place in the EU, in order to improve the properties and quality of productivity and soil fertility in Ukraine.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for a partner to conclude a distribution services agreement.
It is important to partner to deliver the goods of adequate quality in conformity with the requirements of technical regulations and state standards and norms.
What should be a partner?
A partner company that produces mineral fertilizers should not be represented in Ukraine.
Companies located in Europe with different potential, specializing in agricultural products, chemicals, fertilizers, and mineral fertilizers will be suitable.
It is important for the company to find a partner who will specialize in the new complex fertilizers known as NPK.

Advantages & innovations:

The advantage of the company is many years of experience in Ukraine and thousands of satisfied customers. A team of specialists will help companies from Europe enter the Ukrainian market.
The main approach of the company is: to sales is innovative approaches to motivating employees and the high quality of products sold.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The company has been on the market since May 17, 2016. Successfully implements its activities through its strategy and clearly defined goals.


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