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A Turkish human resources consultancy company specialized in recruitment and global mobility solutions is looking for international partners under outsourcing or commercial agency agreements to provide its services to companies investing in Turkey.




A Turkish human resources consultancy company has specialized in immigration, global mobility and recruitment services to national and international clients since 2015. The company uses international applicant tracking systems and online candidate resourcing for a more efficient service to their clients. The company looks for a long-term partnership through a commercial agency or outsourcing agreements in the European Union.


A Turkish human resources consultancy company is operating since 2015 in Turkey with its offices in Ankara and Izmir and also having its Europe organization in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The company is specialized in immigration, mobility, and recruitment solutions with a team of experienced consultants with consultancy experience over fifteen years speak English and understand international corporate communication skills. Turkey with its investment opportunities at national and international projects, especially in sectors such as energy, aviation, construction, industrial construction, production, and instrumentation, is open to international companies investing in Turkey. In that regard, there is a need for consultancy services while companies are settling and operating in Turkey. The company is experienced and reputable in its services including; company establishment, financial and legal advisory services, work permit applications of the international employees, as well as recruiting the local employees with a view to ease the setup process with the most time and cost-efficient ways. In addition, the company is a licensed recruitment agency and already registered for international associations in its fields of services. Therefore, there is a technically qualified population experienced in desired sectors especially in Information Technologies, Energy, Renewable Energy, Industrial Construction, and Instrumentation, which provides qualified candidate resources. The company has a reputable client reference list both at the national and international level from a variety of sectors and countries such as the Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, France, Germany, Switzerland as well as Turkey. The company is looking for partnerships through Commercial Agency Agreement or Outsourcing Agreement to operate long term, sustainable collaborations. International consultants, investment consultants, or directly corporate companies through commercial agency agreements to represent their services in line with the above descriptions are seen as possible partners. Also, the partnership could be set-up through an outsourcing agreement as well.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The companies or consultancy companies, seeking services in the area of recruitment, international mobility, investment, relocation, immigration, and/or company establishment
in Turkey.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company looking for long-term cooperation through commercial agency agreements, or outsourcing agreements. In this regard, the partner sought is similar consultancy companies, recruitment agencies, or corporate companies interested in Turkey operations especially in IT, energy, construction, and production sectors. The activities will include country-specific set-up solutions. Partners can take the advantage of specialization in the area of mobility in Turkey at the national and international level with qualified references.

Advantages & innovations:

-Uses international applicant tracking systems, using online candidate resourcing and assessment systems with its digital infrastructure as well as human resources and recruitment techniques starting with candidate sourcing, competency-based interviews, in addition to competency, personality and technically specification (excel, IT, etc.) tests with adding the value of a consultant note.

-Provide companies to have a swift set-up in their Turkey operations, starting with company establishment, financial and legal consulting.

-Eligible for international recruitment with its experienced consultant teams with English knowledge.

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