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Slovenian designer of multifunctional wooden toys (bikes) is looking for manufacturers




A Slovenian company is specialized in the design and development of toys (bikes) for children made from natural materials. Their products are known primarily for modular constructions that can be assembled into different shapes and make multifunctional toys. The company is looking for manufacturers of wooden toys for manufacturing agreement to make a complete product for sale on their respective markets.



A company from Slovenia is focused on the development and manufacturing of wooden toys, where multi functional bike is their main product. They have been on the market only for a few years, but established a recognizable trademark nonetheless. Main goal of their effort is to include sport activities in early phases of child’s development.

The company developed a 3in1 bike that combines a tricycle, a scooter and a balance bike. In a form of tricycle it has pedals with three wheels and it helps to develop muscles and strength in the legs, hands and in entire body, but providing adequate safety and balance due to the composition of the bike. To develop balance, another combination of bike parts is required – one wheel and seat are removed to provide place for one foot, while the second one is used for pushing off scooter (second form). In the last – third – form balance bike is assembled to help child in a development of balance and coordination. Seat is placed on a shaft, but pedals are not present, so the child is also free to walk and to adjust the speed of the bike while sitting on it.
Main materials for 3in1 bike are birch, beech and inflatable rubber (for wheels), while main parts are frame, seat, handlebar and tires (7 general parts and 3 tires in total). Package includes all necessary materials and tools for assembly of the product. According to the needs, parents choose which form of the bike their child will use depending on their age, height and skills. Shifting from one form to another takes around 30 to 60 minutes (for the first time, but later when some parts are already assembled, this time can be shorter). This bike with three functions is suitable for use in a longer periods of time compared to bikes, that have only one option (e.g. tricycle only). Child can observe and eventually also participate at higher age in the activity of bike assembly with their parents. Therefore, it is appropriate for children from 18 months to 5 years of age. Weight of the bike is dependant on the form: 3,6 kg (balance bike), 3,8 kg (scooter) and 5,5 kg (tricycle). Another feature to add a unique value to the bike is engraved tablet with the child's name in three different fonts. Quality and safety are provided with CE quality certificate and fulfilling requirements of the standards SIST EN 71-1 and SIST EN 71-3, that cover (i) mechanical and physical properties and (ii) migration of certain elements.
Company plans to expand its presence on foreign markets and is looking for manufacturers with experience in wooden toys industry and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines for Manufacturing Agreement. Partners will be given all relevant information and specifications for complete production according to the design of the bike. Occasionally there might be some improvements in the design to enhance ease of use and other features.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The product is made from birch plywood and beech wood. CNC machines which can process the shape of the product are required for toy production.
The product is varnished with SIST EN 71-3 colours.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Company is seeking manufacturers with experience in wood and/or toy industry to start production of 3in1 bike and other products. Partners will be responsible for selection of adequate materials, ensuring that standards and certificates (CE, SIST EN 71-1, SIST EN 71-3) are met and being able to accommodate to occasional improvements in the design of 3in1 bike.

Advantages & innovations:

The innovative design of the bike combines three children’s rides – (1) a balance bike, (2) a scooter and (3) a tricycle – in one wooden, multifunctional bike and it is the first one on the market with such diversity. Other advantages are:

- Toy parts can be easily assembled in a desired form (shape) and adjusted to the needs, height and skills of a child.
- Product comes with all necessary parts and tools.
- Encourages physical and social development.
- Ensures the long-term enthusiasm of a child and parents.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The product is fully developed and already on the market. The product is made from birch plywood and beech wood. CNC machines which can process the shape of the product, are required for toy production.


Design Rights - Design patended

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