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A Romanian manufacturer of marble stones seeks marble powder, decorative marble gravel and marble slab suppliers and is interested in cooperating internationally under supplier agreements.




The Romanian company needs to obtain marble powder, decorative marble gravel/ pebbles and marble slabs for its production line and, as such, is interested in cooperating with international partners (no matter their country of origin) within the frame of supplier agreements.


The Romanian company was founded in 2018. Their production line focuses on marble varieties used principally for buildings, interior decoration, table tops and/ or novelties.
The company works with differently cut and finished types of marble, with cut to size marble slabs which can be used as tiles for flooring, wall cladding tiles, paving tiles, project tiles etc.
Moreover, they use marble powder in the process of casting different marble pieces). The powder is used in mixes for home and garden decoration and finishes, commercial and/ or industrial flooring, as well as in the composition of stamped concrete. The powder also serves as insulation for those varieties of granulated marble most commonly used for alleys. Lastly, but not least, the powder also has its usage in decorative plasters.
In terms of interior home design, outdoor spaces and garden decoration, the company also uses differently coloured, decorative marble gravel/ pebbles/ chippings which have very hard wearing capability, are eye-catching and, thus, are sure to enhance any home/ garden feature.
The company seeks suppliers of high-quality marble powder, marble gravel/ pebbles and marble slabs within the frame of supplier agreements. By partnering up with suppliers of the above mentioned materials, the Romanian SME could more easily and readily obtain the mentioned materials and, consequently, improve their product line and satisfy market demands more promptly. From a role- and task-related perspective, both parties are expected to be accurate in the mutual provision of details regarding the products on demand or offer, to be prompt communicators and open to exchanges of good practice via which both partners could gain new business experience and product-related know-how. As far as the responsibilities of the potential partners are concerned, expectations refer to adherence to high quality standards in terms of the products on offer and to compliance with delivery deadlines. The Romanian partner will respect contractual terms and otherwise stipulated conditions, in accordance with the signed agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The Romanian SME is interested in marble powder (in different granulations and colours), decorative marble gravel/ pebbles (in different sizes and colours, for outdoor spaces such as terraces or garden landscaping) and large marble slabs (in different sizes and thickness) for home and industrial use (vertical and/ or horizontal interior and/ or exterior decoration and design).
- Specific area of activity of the partner: They would like to cooperate with suppliers of marble powder, marble gravel/ pebbles and/ or marble slabs within the frame of supplier agreements. Partners should provide upon request specific information about the materials in terms of packaging, quantity/ quality, size, thickness, availability, colour palette, price and delivery deadlines.

Advantages & innovations:

The company focuses on and invests in product quality and client satisfaction.
In order to guarantee a high standard of product quality and faster delivery services, the company has opened up to investing in new, modern technology and equipment (i.e. a state-of-the-art 3-axis marble cutting machine) that allows for a safe, better controlled work environment, a more efficient production rhythm and no material and production flaws.
Due to the high precision of the 3-axis cutting technology, the marbles are made-to-measure, designed and manufactured to perfectly accommodate different architectural and design related demands.

Development Stage:

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