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Romanian company seeks partner for developing a proof of concept and IT projects in the field of medical imaging under an outsourcing agreement




A Romanian IT company, with expertise in medical imaging, seeks a partner for a project related to human body measuring. The company started the research and needs a partner for developing the proof of concept and together applying for funds in order to finalize the computer application.
The company targets an outsourcing agreement with a partner from any EEN country.


The company is located in the West Region of Romania. Founded in 2013, the company offers a large scale of image related services, like photography, film, image processing, and software for medical devices.
It is a small company consisting of well trained and highly skilled young people, with high flexibility and research knowledge.
As the result of cooperation with various medical and health companies, the Romanian company identified the need of establishing the human body measurements using a non-touch method, based on imaging. The company started to work with several concepts, involving AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things) with different data science techniques, and selected a possible method that can be further developed.
In order to speed-up the process and get financing for the project, the Romanian company needs a partner that helps developing the proof of concept, co-operating in the research and building the application. The financing of the project will be assumed by the partners either from own funds or by applying together to EU funds or a third party financing.
All the technical / practical aspects of the projects will be solved through collaboration with regional, national or transnational medical imaging companies. The same partnership will be used for testing the project during different steps and applying the final result.
The company looks for partners working in IT and related research, with or without expertise in medical imaging.
The partner sought should be based in any EEN country willing to cooperate with the Romanian company through an outsourcing agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The partner sought:
- Should be active in IT&C and be advanced user of AI and IoT technologies.
- Should be able to work in a research project.
- Expertise in imaging and image processing is not required but it could help the development of the project.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner is sought in any EEN country and it should be a company working in IT, with or without expertise in imaging software, preferable with previous R&D activity.
Through an outsourcing agreement, the partner should contribute to the research, to the definition of the proof of concept and to the developing of the application. If needed, the partners will apply together for financing through EU or private funds.

Advantages & innovations:

- The company bears with expertise in medical imaging and cooperates with partners in the field.
- The research is already initiated.
- Through its existing partners, the company has the possibility to practically test the method and the results during all the steps of the research.

Development Stage:

Concept stage - Based on its expertise and good contacts with medical & health companies, the company stared the conception as answer to a real need for human body measurements with imaging tools.

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