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Portuguese rehabilitation building company is looking for european partner specialized in sustainable and efficient building materials, equipment and services.




A Portuguese company specialized in the building and rehabilitation service industry is looking for new suppliers of construction sustainable material and equipment such as wood houses, renewable energies, eco building materials, To develop a new 100% sustainable building project. The company is looking also for specialized services of architecture NZEB (Near to Zero Efficiency Buildings) or Passive Haus standard. The company is interested in a commercial or services agreement or subcontracting


Established in 2003, the Portuguese company specializes in building and rehabilitation service industry and looking for new suppliers of construction material from all over Europe.
The company started in 2000.

It was a pionner in the rehabilitation sector. The company rebuilds either single houses or old buildings and resells it. The company wants to be ahead of the market in sustainability and is now developing the NZEB concept to apply it to the rehabilitation.

Their staff has over 30 years’ experience in Multinationals always in the sales and marketing departments and over 17 years in the Construction industry as a sales and marketing manager. The CEO has excellent connections in the throughout portugal. The business started with a focus on rehabilitation.

In this moment the company wants to begin a project building eco sustainable houses to market has second homes and start a new business brand specialization (Sustainable and NZEB Building).

In order to be able to market eco 100% sustainable houses the company needs all kind of services and material since the is a gap in the portuguese market.

The company is searching for providers of the following services/equipment / materials:

• Sustainable design
• Sustanable architecture
• Sustainable water solutions
• Sustainable energy solutions
• Eco pools
• Progressive and efficiency technologies (low energy, passive, intelligent, ecological)
• New building material and technologies
• Systems and equipment using energy from alternative sources
• Heating sustainable equipments
• Control and metering equipment
• Eco cars

The company is also interested in new and innovative products that fall within their range, such as sustainable materials or products that improved the U-value (the measure of heat loss through a structural element). Regarding stoves, it is very important that they comply with the Portuguese standards.

The company is seeking innovative solution to cooperate via a commercial or services agreement or subcontracting.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: In addition, they are also interested in new and innovative products that could replace older products or expand their portfolio:
- Eco building products;
- ECO paints
- ECO materials
- Eco furniture
- Renewable eating systems
- Eco pools or lakes
- Water treatment
- Water saving products

The company is not interested in traditional solutions.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is seeking innovative solution to cooperate via a commercial or services agreement or subcontracting with industry and services companies.

The company expects to start conversations after receiving products information and description as well as prices.

The objective is to receive commercial information of products and services that can therefore be bought by the company in order to apply them in their construction.

Other ways of collaboration can also be developed if it will be the will of both parties.

Advantages & innovations:

The company works for 17 years in the construction sector focused in rehabilitation and renewal of old buildings. The company aims to comply with the NZEB regulation until 2020 introducing a new way of rebuilding. Furthermore the company has a project of entirely sustainable houses which will be an innovative project in Portugal.

The NZEB are one major european strategic objective for environment for Europe in the years to come.

Development Stage:

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