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Polish SME producing skin-care cosmetics is looking for suppliers of specific products within EU countries under supplier agreements




A Polish company, specialized in the production of hand-made, natural, vegan and organic skincare products, is looking for suppliers of some of the products they need such as Abyssinian oil, Copaiba balsam clarified, Makigreen Velvet wax, Pine oil in order to conclude suppliers agreements.


The SME located in Western Pomerania is a well-known Polish production company focusing on eco-friendly cosmetics.
The company offers a wide range of the highest quality, ecological and in the spirit of less-waste products, such as bath bombs, peels, soaps, oils for the body and face. Their offer also includes products made of ceramics, for everyday use, produced in cooperation with other SMEs. It is the SME that promotes the "slow life" trend. The company was founded in 2013, run by two sisters with a passion for natural cosmetics and a passion to run their own business.
Most of their products are created independently, with original recipes.
Due to the difficulties in obtaining components on the Polish market, the company wants to expand the area of suppliers to European countries.

The company is looking for suppliers of natural, high quality butters (based on tucuma, aloe, vanilla or jasmine) for the production of creams. The SME is also interested in purchasing edible oils, fat-soluble vitamin C, teas in balls as well as ready to use cosmetic cream base.

Potential partner should deliver agreed amount of high quality ingredients or ready products according to given specification under supplier agreement. This type of cooperation is preferred as the company is looking for trusted partner to supply them with ingredients on a long-term basis.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: The potential partner should be capable of delivering of the 100% safe and high quality products at the right price. The company is not interested in substitutes.

The desired products are:
Abyssinian Oil, Refined, INCI: Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oi
Copaiba Balsam Clarified Oil, INCI: Copaifera Reticulata Balsam Extract
Makigreen Velvet Wax, Makigreen Velvet Wax Pof;
Pine Oil, INCI: Pinus Silvestris;
Annato Seeds Powder INCI: Bixa Orellana L.;
Pineapple Powder Spray Dried.

Full quality standard specifications (required safety data sheet) as well as quantities will be agreed/provided for all products when contacted. Also the delivery method will be agreed.

The company would consider buying different products from different suppliers.

The frequency of orders will depend on the need.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Polish SME is looking for a partner for long term cooperation based on supplier agreement.

The potential partner should be capable of delivering of the 100% safe and high quality products at the right price.

Business partner should have already experience in the international cooperation.The ideal partner would be a small producer of high quality cosmetic ingredients experienced working with SMEs companies.

Advantages & innovations:

It is company created with a passion for simplicity, dreams and faith that you can do what you really love. Putting attention only on high-quality raw materials, knowledge and experience gained during 6 years of work in research laboratories are the main foundations of this company.

Their cosmetics are unique because all are handmade. The producers use only selected ingredients, both from Poland and from abroad. All recipes are the result of long-term research, efforts, trials, errors and again attempts.

The idea for a prescription is created based on the needs of the market and the owner. It is changed, tested and consulted, then put into production to pass tests on potential customers.
Their competitiveness is a result of the highest quality ingredients, high production standards, creating a long-term relationship with the customer and production on-demand. They do not have storage surpluses, they do not have to sell their products with a short expiry date at a lower price.

The company's headquarters is 140m2 of a new work area, where there are sanitary lines with washable surfaces, tiles, anti-slip epoxy floors, a separate well-organized warehouse, own cold store, soap dryer, office and packing room.
The whole was prepared on the basis of good production practice (GMP) to which the documentation showing the entire production process was attached.

Their soaps have required laboratory tests, registration in CPNP and admission to trading on EU market.

Development Stage:

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