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Polish company producing fruit syrups and soft drinks seeks suppliers of juices, components of organic juices, juices not from concentrate and concentrates in bulk packaging




Polish company manufacturing various concentrated fruit syrups, flavored syrups, fruit drinks and nectars, pasteurized juices etc. is currently seeking suppliers of juices and components of organic juices. They are also seeking NFC (not from concentrate) juices and concentrates. A manufacturing agreement is to be signed.


This company was established in 1981 and since that time has become one of the largest manufacturers of concentrated syrups in Poland. Their present range of products comprises of 140 products incl. fruit syrups, bartenders’ syrups, fresh and pasteurized juices, fruit drinks, still and carbonated drinks and water, ice tea, fruit nectars, flavored syrups for coffee and cocktails and various soft drinks. The company works on 7 production lines, hires almost 200 full time employees and cooperates with 150 trade representatives. Their products are being sold via local convenient stores and large retail networks.
Currently, they wish to focus on clients interested in organic products and generally, a very healthy lifestyle. This is why, they would like to complement its products range with organic juices and juices not from concentrates.
They are searching suppliers of organic juices and components of organic juices, as well as suppliers of NFC (not from concentrate) juices and concentrates.
The company considers manufacturing agreement as the most suitable form of co-operation in this case. They will prepare ready-made products from supplied components and will handle bottling and labeling themselves.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: All products should be in bulk packaging: 200 liters barrels, 1000 kg tanks, crates in case of components (fresh fruit, vegetables). They are not interested in ready-made products and own brands.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: A potential partner should be capable of supplying organic and not from concentrate juices in bulk packaging: 1000kg tanks and 200l barrels, components for organic juices: fresh fruit and vegetables packed in crates, squeezed juices and concentrates for mixtures of juices.
As for quantities, these should be rather large/wholesale, but it is difficult to give precise information as it depends on type of juice, its flavor etc.
The shipping should be a responsibility of supplier. A potential partner should have bio, eco and organic certificates.
The company considers manufacturing agreements, as this form of co-operation is suitable in case where they need a supplier of certain product in order to finalize its production.

Advantages & innovations:

What makes the company unique, is the fact that the whole production of the company is based on excellent quality Pleistocene water from their own deep-water wells. Moreover, they have their own in-house laboratory which examines in detail both the raw materials before the beginning of production and each finished product before it leaves the plant. The company works on its own unique recipes which makes it a well known brand in Poland and one of the biggest concentrated syrups producers in this country, what has been appreciated by numerous awards.

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